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    Old Dudes "Rockin The Neighborhood"

    Had a ton of fun with some good twitter friends on this one, Mixing all the different combinations of vocals was a blast! used my PRS on the electric parts, Marc his EVH Wolfgang. Fun stuff :)
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    "Live Life Anyway" - 80's Style Rocker...

    Fun time putting this one together, a-lot of tracks in this 80's style Genre Rocker.
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    80's Rocker "Redeemed"

    Had posted this in progress awhile back and think I have finally got it where it should be, quite a bit of subtle automation going on that hopefully sounds smooth.
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    Classic Rock Tune Mixing....."Ready To Rock"

    Had alot of fun with this old style Rocker, its all been done before but still a good time :)
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    Rock tune mixing....

    80'S Style Rocker, Any thoughts welcome :)
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    Pop / Rock Mix ....

    This is the Final mix, Thanks again for all the thoughts & Suggestions! ......Ray
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    "Sundown" Cover....

    Working on some mic placement techniques on the Acoustic so Thought I would have some fun with this old classic acoustic song. I am no singer, but it was fun to try :)
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    80's Style Rocker....

    Latest Rocker, Is a deep subject. Recorded , mixed & mastered in Logic .
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    80's Style Rock tune...

    Wrapping up the mix on this one, Old Style Rocker ...
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    Rock Tune Mix.....

    Updating File.....
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    Rock / Ballad "All I Am"

    Written as a song to go between the Rockers, Recorded in Logic with A basic Steinburg UR44 interface. All I Am - YouTube All I Am, a song by Roehrborn - Stawinski on Spotify
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    "Dying To Live" Rock Tune...

    Recorded in Logic with S-Gear for guitars, this was a fun one and a bit different from are other stuff. Dying to Live - YouTube
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    What Really Matters ?! .....Rock Track.

    Hey guys just finished this one, any feedback on how it sounds on your system appreciated :) Thank You! What Really Matters ?! by Roehrborn - Stawinski | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Rock Song MIx thoughts?

    Looking for some thoughts on the overall balance of this mix. All comments welcome, Thanks! Love Waits by Roehrborn - Stawinski | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Rage For The Machine - Classic Rock Style song.

    I recorded this a few months back and it was alot of fun to do an Old School type tune. Regarding the mix I would be interested to hear your perspective on the Rhythm guitar level. Thru my main system it sounds fine, but I have heard a few comment that to them its to low. Thanks! Rage For The...