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  1. PorterhouseMusic

    Warm Audio microphone comparison

    Not sure if anyone has any interest, but.... I did a quick straight forward no frills comparison of my three WA mics: WA87, WA14, and WA67. All three mics were set identically as far as placement relative to the guitar - approx 13-14" away pointed at the neck/body joint. I played these three...
  2. PorterhouseMusic

    Further along with this - feedback welcome

    I posted a more raw version of this a month or two ago - I'm a little further along with it now. It's a vehicle for me and a friend to cut loose on (gtr) - he won't have time to get to his lead part for a few more weeks so I need to shelve it temporarily so I can work on some other stuff. If...
  3. PorterhouseMusic

    Rupert Neve Designs RNDI DI Box (Sold)

    Anybody interested in a like-new RNDI? It really is in like-new pristine condition. I've used it maybe 5 times. I'm asking $200 - considering these are $300 new - this is a steal (buyer covers shipping). If not you - maybe you know someone?
  4. PorterhouseMusic

    Patch bay cables

    So, I just bought a Samson patch bay - it's on the way. Then went to seek out a set of quality patch bay cables (approx. 1.5 ft, TRS-TRS) only to find that there's not necessarily an obvious go-to choice. Is there? Or should I just get a pack of Hosa's and be done with it? Thoughts...
  5. PorterhouseMusic

    Funky Nines

    I'm just starting to mold this ball of clay into something for me and a friend to cut loose on (guitar). First 20 seconds is blank, drums only - that's deliberate - those parts will be done later. Any mix thoughts appreciated.
  6. PorterhouseMusic

    White supremacists have a tough day in court

    Prolly wasn't a good idea to get together that fateful day. Seems they went beyond exercising free speech...
  7. PorterhouseMusic

    So - what's with the notable usage of cassette based recorders in the Tascam forum?

    I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful - and hope this doesn't come off that way. But if you look at the Tascam forum on this site.... there are a lot of threads regarding different Tascam cassette recorders. A basic small digital recorder can be found cheap and easily these days. I'm...
  8. PorterhouseMusic

    TC Electronic Finalizer Express

    Anyone own one? Testimonials? Just curious....
  9. PorterhouseMusic

    Hey guitar players! - Impressive internet collab MP3!

    Produced by Mike Musgrove and mastered by Falcon Eddy. Over 20 players... about 17 guitar players, 3 bass players, a B3 guy, a great drummer... and a surprise ending. Huge variety! All of this fantastic recording was done over the web... home studio guys from all over the globe...