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    cover songs

    are cover songs allowed on this forum?
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    how to get my song into this forum?

    i know i have asked this question before, but can some make a definitive and complete vid or instruction sheet to get a song from soundcloud into this forum. i've listened to quite a few of tracks on the forum and commented on my likes and dislikes. kindly. i figured it's time to try get one of...
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    EZDrummer 2

    are there any good videos that show how to edit ,copy and paste, duplicate, etc.. Non drummer here ,having a hard time how to figure this EZ thing out.
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    extra charges after purchase and use

    do fab filter plugins charge you more after expiration ala waves?
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    waves plugins

    so waves wants me to pay more to keep using their plugins i purchased. if i knew this was going to happen when i made the purchase i would not have bought them. there were some really good ones that were my goto, but in the future i guess i'll rely on what comes with my daw and to check to make...
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    How to?

    I would like to try a post a song here for the first time. Asked how to before , but, i couldn't make it work . Is there anyone out there who can walk me through this step by step without making me feel like i should know how to do this? I know how to get it on Soundcloud . But in simple and...
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    recently purchased antares evo choir vst for mac. have to use ilok manager to be able to use the software. been tryi to for 3 days now. do i have to purchase an ilok key or am i missing something. bought the eventide harmonizer a few weeks earlier and had to use the same process. no problems...
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    posting a song recorded in studio one

    i,ve been recording at home for a few years now, doesn,t mean that i'm good at it, but i never posted a song anywhere for feedback. using studio one and would like to get help ,in detail, for posting a song into HRF for feedback. i mean, i absolutely have no clue how to do this. i can post to...
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    time for new monitors?

    i've been using presonus eris 8's for a few years now. thought they were pretty good monitors for recording /mixing/mastering. after listening to a couple of my friends hs monitors , i think maybe these monitors i've got are just ok. any suggestions? ideas?
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    low action acoustic guitars for beginners

    so, now i'm 64 years old and have just started playing guitar. currently have an older cheap kona acoustic, but, my fingers are hurting from trying to press the strings. anybody got a thought on a beginner acoustic or acoustic electric with low action under 400 us dollars?
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    control room monitors

    i've been using the persons eris 8 monitors for a few years and was wondering if there is something better in about the same price range
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    Studio one wav files export/save

    This will probably a little long winded but important. my daughter is recording tracks on her college campus's studio. they use studio one pro and transfer the wave tracks to usb flash drive . she gives it to me (also using studio one ) . plug the usb drive into my mac, open studio one, go to...
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    Importing tracks from Pt into studio one

    i've got about 22 tracks that were recorded in protools and saved to a flash drive. plugged the flash into my mac and imported the tracks into studio one pro2. Since there are numerous tracks that come in at different times in the song, and and i drop and drag the tracks to the beginning of the...
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    new digital keyboards

    looking for a full 88 digital keyboard with many sounds under 1000 us dollars. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. looked at the casio privies, yamaha 35 series, and korg and kawai. help me>>
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    bass track

    any suggestions on how to eq a bass track recorded di to make it sound tighter and a little more punch to make the the bass guitar just feel like it belongs and not just , i don't know what to do with it?
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    audio snakes

    i've got an xspro 12x4 snake and i'm trying to send a headphone to a drummer to hear the tracks and himself. Presonus headphone amp with trs or headphone jack going into my interface. the returns on the snake are male xlr's. what do i need to do to make this happen?
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    micing drums and eq

    getting ready to record my first drum kit in my dining room at home. no room treatment and using ev nd868 on kick, sm 57 on snare and 2 monoprice small condenser mics on overheads. a little nervous , any tips on how to get a good pop rock sound?
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    copyright of original song

    where's the best place to copyright an original song and how do i go about doing it?
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    copyright of original song

    how do i go about copyrighting an original song?
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    mp3 or wav

    ok. I see this is an mp3 site but I have 3 tracks recorded with my 15 year old daughter and would like to know how to get this on the Home Recording Forum for some feedback. These tracks are wave files so maybe someone can show me how to get these tracks into the forum. Currently have the tracks...