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    Ritten House Shuffle - hard rock song

    Ahh cool that a relief I was starting to worry Thanks I appreciate the feedback
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    Ritten House Shuffle - hard rock song

    Thanks there seems to be a problem with no bass on my galaxy 10 or Switch but Tvs google hub monitors etc seems to be fine
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    Angels Wings ( Heavy Song Original)

    Been fun collaborating with a couple of friends on this one
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    Scars - Ehgore1978

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    Spooky Heavy with Bass using the same patch as Guitar experiment collab

    Night Terrors - Original Song Stephen Butler Scott McGinley ehgore1978 - YouTube First collab in a long time as in I didnt sing only some backups Used the axefx guitar patch into a bass guitarfor a dirty bass sound.
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    heavyish guitar harmony song with synth

    Freckle Red - Original Song Scott McGinley Ehgore1978 - YouTube Still chipping away at this recording thing. If anything I feel the mixes are getting "cleaner"
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    Been a While Heavyish Slow Song Bass in mix finally?

    Home - Original Song Scott McGinley (Ehgore1978) LTD TE-1000 Evertune - YouTube y Tried a different room to mix in hopefully that may have been a problem with my non existent bass presence in my mixes
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    Honesty Again _ Synthy Heavy Slow Song

    YouTube Firts song with Omnisphere for Synth and basic Riffs a bit of a departure from my other stuff. Also messed with a couple speech samples to put in the mix aswell
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    New Song Slow Heavy - Those That Lost Control

    New one tried some vocal quadtracking. Drums are looped waiting for a drummer. Bit of guitar echoey stuff YouTube
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    A Place To Hide - Heavy Song 7 string Schecter

    A Place To Hide Demo 19 Feb 2020 Day After Mix by Scortness | Free Listening on SoundCloud Just powering through trying to make slight improvements in mixing just happened to be a heavier one this time
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    Shame On You back to recording after a break

    YouTube Hopefully people can finally here bass in my mixes
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    mixing wih subtractive eq song demo

    Thought Id share this. Been practising subtractive eqing and notching out frequencies. This is a song idea not finished more interested in getting the sounds right just looking for any comments in regarding frequencies. Is it too boxy is it to gritty DayOf The Dingler Berry 28/8//19 demo by...
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    First acoustic / electric guitar recording

    YouTube First time Ive recorded an acoustic with microphone and electric guitar direct with an axefx live at the same time. Bass through Fractal afterwords. Played live to SD3 drums Been a while since Ive recorded much
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    Back in the Saddle Headphone Mixing baby steps

    Fly Through Valleys demo 1st version by Scott McGinley 1 | Free Listening on SoundCloud Its been a while and Ive done this in my loungeroom through a Focusrite 2i2, Reaper, EZMix, couple of waves plug ins. Im using superior drummer 3 but controlling the beat myself using a midi keyboard, I...
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    My mix of other band plus link to 100's of stems

    ITS ALRIGHT TRIVUL MCGINLEY MIX by Scott McGinley 1 | Free Listening on SoundCloud Like I just replied grabbed this from the Cambridge Music site heaps of stems. Any comments on the mix welcome and heres the link for over 300 stems. Great for practise not so good for feedback on that site...
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    Original Song Just changed Vibe

    YouTube This song was originallly slower and more downbeat I dont know what the hell happened here borderline pop haha
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    Monday Merlot Challenge song Something Different

    Beer And Lemonade by Scott McGinley 1 | Free Listening on SoundCloud A little different to what Ive been posting of late a little more relaxed