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  1. mark skinner

    Dropped D acoustic "Funk" # Remix

    @Manslick , Thanks for the Great comments. I appreciate it . Here's a remix. It's a good bit wider and added a backing electric guitar. I think I like it . ??
  2. mark skinner

    It is FINE if you don't want to listen ... but I'd appreciate it nonetheless

    Deeper was Awesome! I Loved the low percussive piano and the bpm changes. I'll be back .. mark
  3. mark skinner

    Mack the Knife (cover of Bobby Darin 1959)

    I've always Loved this song . You did a Great job with the instruments and Especially the Vocals ! It's hard for me to listen to it without seeing Steve Martin using it in his comedy skits .. I do agree brushes would be nice. The cymbals are excessive. Still .. Great Job . Enjoyed it...
  4. mark skinner

    Dropped D acoustic "Funk" # Remix

    @spantini , I don't know why that happens to me "sometimes" and I can't figure out how to correct it. If I delete a link and try to replace it with a remix link , I get the "oops" message. If I leave it alone the link will work several hours (sometimes 24) hours later. ?? I replaced the link...
  5. mark skinner

    Dropped D acoustic "Funk" # Remix

    Thanks guys for your comments. The link now reflects Mix 2. I redid one of the lead breaks and did some minor panning. Thanks .. mark
  6. mark skinner

    input echo issue

    Increase the "pre delay" on your reverb module While you are recording. You may have to start with a long setting like 100ms and adjust it until you get it sounding right. I usually set up 2 reverbs. 1 for recording and 1 for playback. mute the one you don't need. Adjust it right and the delay...
  7. mark skinner

    Dropped D acoustic "Funk" # Remix

    Here's a new instrumental I'm trying to finish up. Any help on the mix /master or instrumentation will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks .. mark (REMIX down the page)
  8. mark skinner

    Another mandolin recording

    I Really enjoyed this ! Both versions were Very Nice and it looks like you guys are having a good time. I enjoyed visiting your living room.. mark
  9. mark skinner

    video screen

    It should be in views. "video"
  10. mark skinner

    bandlab Sonar dropouts/glitches

    Parish , Your old Sonar (64 bit) programs should still be able to be installed on win 10. If they are installed "before" Cakewalk by Bandlab , All of your vst's instruments etc. will still be available in the new Bandlab version . It will even open up any old projects done in Sonar. The old...
  11. mark skinner

    More From the Wayback Machine

    Cool song and a Great job on All the vocals. I liked the 2nd mix a little better than the first one. I thought he added reverb did push the main vocals back in the mix a little. I thought this was needed but maybe Slightly less. I think the Oooh Aaah tracks need lowering and pushed back further...
  12. mark skinner

    Need some feedback for cover song

    I agree , I thought this was a Very nice mix , *Especially* for your first recording. Great vocals and I thought your native language sounded Very Good and flowed nicely. Great Job ! mark
  13. mark skinner

    Find the Cost of Freedom

    Thanks for posting 4 & 20. Good job on it. I've also got an aw16g that I still use on occasion. Would be nice to set it up as a controller , but can't figure it out. 2nd version of Find the cost .. was a Lot nicer. "buried" was better , maybe a little fade in on one of the voices would clean it...
  14. mark skinner

    "Time To Breathe" A Pink Floyd Inspired jam

    You had some Real Nice lead spots here. I'm for sure going to check out the organ pedal. Very nice sound and could be a Lot of fun. Enjoyed it .. mark
  15. mark skinner

    Find the Cost of Freedom

    Yeah , We went from 4 & 20/ Daylight again /Find the cost of freedom , with no stops in between songs. I'm finding I have to tune down a half step now on just about everything and some songs even further. Sure would be nice to have the same vocal range I had in earlier years. Thanks for...
  16. mark skinner

    Find the Cost of Freedom

    Great song to cover. I haven't heard it in a Long time. Thanks for taking me back. I once played in an acoustic trio , we did all the harmony band stuff and always ended our last set with this song. Really Enjoyed it .. mark
  17. mark skinner

    Stormy Weather #final mix and master

    After following everyone's suggestions I finally came up with a mix I liked. Gary worked some magic on it and hit the spot on one of many masters. I still haven't gotten to the bottom of how he did it. As much as I try I can't get the immersive surrounding feel he got. My masters have sounded...
  18. mark skinner

    Stormy Weather #final mix and master

    Hello , I'm calling this one done! The link now reflects Major changes to the mix and master. Thanks to All of you. I surrender .. mark
  19. mark skinner

    Stormy Weather #final mix and master

    @dachay2tnr , Thanks for that. I thought it sounded Very good. Sure is a Lot smoother. The bass and kick have been completely reworked since the mix that is up now. A lot more also done to the drums. Currently I'm swapping files with a friend with a huge collection of high end virtual...
  20. mark skinner

    Beatles sung out of tune

    To start , I think this was a great song to cover. One "for sure" suggestion I can offer is , before you add clippers or boosters to the master track , mute your vocal track , change your master track to mono and adjust your individual track volumes while listening in mono. Loud tracks and an...