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  1. A. Lacy

    MPC 1000 JJOS 2xl freezing, not saving, unresponsive

    Hey all, I've had my MPC 1000 (with JJOS 2XL) since May 2020, and I really haven't used it much. I've only really started using it the last few days. Here's some issues I'm having: - I can't hear any of my one shot samples when I preview them - When I try to save a project onto my Compact...
  2. A. Lacy

    Tascam 424 mki fast playback

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Tascam 424 mki from eBay, and the playback for the normal speed setting is pretty fast. It sounds almost normal if it put it on the slowest speed and turn the pitch all the way up. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!