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    Vinyl sales

    Hey did any of you hear that LPs Vinyl Record sales hit a 20 year High?
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    Alesis S4 Address error ?

    I just picked up an S4 in a trade, keeps showing Address error, any Clues, can't seam to find much on the web, ...I know I can't be the 1st to have this issue....any ideas?
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    Firestudio 26X26 and Digimax LT?

    I just got a firestudio 26x26, and A friend said I could have his Digimax LT, can I connect these 2 like I would a 26X26 and a Digimax FS?
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    Any Soundcraft 500 Fans here?

    I bought a pair of series 500's over the weekend, and I have a few questions
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    Aphex Studio Clock

    Any one here ever use one? I read somewhere that they can be used as a Click track, any Ideas