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    Input Impedances

    My acoustic amplifier has a 'Piezo' input, and therefore, I assume, a very high input impedance. My guitar uses an active pickup, designed to go into a line input, which has a considerably lower impedance, say 10K or so... Is any kind of impedance mismatch likely to occur in this scenario? The...
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    HD24 = Dust!

    This will likely be common knowledge among most users of the HD24, but felt like posting a friendly heads up regarding dust. I recently opened my HD24 up to inspect the fan and bejayzuz there was some accumulated dust in there, especially around the PSU. Can't hurt to pop the hood once in a...
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    9v vs 18v and headroom

    Here's a question I've had loping around my mind for... probably years: You read about preamps, acoustic guitar preamps, etc., having, for example, 18v power supplies (as opposed to 9v power supplies) to give you extra headroom, right? I site this only as example. How can this really be the...
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    Reaper Project to CD

    How do I burn projects in Reaper to CD? Sorry if this is the wrong forum - I think there is (was) a Reaper forum. I can't get a handle on the new layout of the HR website. R
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    19" (1U) rack boxes for projects

    I'm trying to source blank enclosures for rack component projects; anyone know of any manufacturers? Dimensions (approx): 19" x 1U x 3 or 4" deep.
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    Fascinating Article (for 10cc heads)
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    OSA Mic preamp

    Check out the MP-1A description and price...
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    fostex t5 vs t7

    Thinking about a couple of pairs of either of these headphones for tracking purposes. Does anyone know the difference(s) between the 5 and the 7?
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    Recording horn section

    Drums, bass and keys done. Overdubbing the following: sax tpt trombone gtr vox last. Mics available: Milab C96b, AKG C1000 (pair), Beyer M88, Sennheiser e604, SM57/58 (numerous), Rode NT5 (pair). Sax melody lines will be done first, then tpt/trom will be done together. Any suggestions for...
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    Building Dave Gilmour's Pedalboard

    I want one.
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    Snake Connector (this is driving me bananas)

    I'm looking for pin-out info on the 16-channel circular (with screw-locking collar) type connector often found on snakes and stage boxes. What's the name of this type of connector?
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    acoustic P/U shootout (with video)
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    Neutral acoustic P/U shootout (with video)
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    M216 mixer surgery

    I was wondering about the possibility of butchering this (now unused) mixer for its preamps alone. The channels are on individual circuit boards. Need to figure out where the power is being fed in, their voltages and audio inputs/outputs. Don't care about the eq stage. Anyone out there...
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    salvaging sax

    Old vintage Selmer saxophone, absolutely exquisite player. Mics at hand: Milab DC96B (probably the best mic I've got in the rack): some serious reed rasp and noise coming from an instrument in need of some TLC. I've recorded this guy before with decent results using just an SM58, so it's not...
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    Gilmour DSOTM guitars/setups Good, erm....'toilet read,' for those with a printer (or Internet connection in their toilet).
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    Mains spikes a problem

    I'm getting very loud 'static' spikes coming thu my setup at power up. Nasty bastards some of them, too (like someone snapping a dry branch up against a Neumann mic with the gain cranked). The desk is a Soundcraft 6000. Two possible clues (for those in the know): the problem subsides after...
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    Pre EQ and Post EQ (effective differences?)

    Can anyone describe (in a practical way) how pre EQ is implemented in a guitar amp, preamp, etc., and what effect it has on say, overdrive tone, compared to post EQ. My only conclusion (based on some experience with a Rocktron Taboo Artist) is that post EQ has a more 'pronounced' effect...
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    Great Zappa/Studio article (In 3 parts - long)
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    Rec/playback levels

    Soundcraft 6000 desk > HD24 My Elco - 1/4" sends/returns (for the multitrack) were wired unbalanced when I bought the desk and have remained that way. The Elcos are 5m, I believe. I was wondering if the fact that I'm using unbalanced connections may be the cause of a pretty big difference...