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    Just lost my best friend

    My condolences. I would want to be remembered, the way you remember your friend.
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    Mixing SOS

    This ^. I forgot about the mic bleed. EZD has the same thing.
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    Mixing SOS

    When I use EZ drummer, I use the built in mixer to adjust the levels. That makes it much easier to get the individual drum kit piece levels right without (me) screwing up the sound using external processing. I also turn the overheads down. Since they are catching everything, they make it hard to...
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    Strange Thing Happened In Reaper

    What happens when you double click the .wav file? Does it play with your media player?
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    Audio recorded from microphone sounds distorted

    Are you recording the guitar and bass through the microphone or plugged directly into the interface?
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    Tascam DP-008EX.

    I play back a track I have already recorded and listen on head phones while recording a new track. I don't see why you couldn't play back through monitors.
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    Plugin to automate volume tracking?

    I do this too. It's like removing the blank sections in a vocal. They aren't going to change and the fade probably won't either.
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    Which of the mixes are best

    I thought #3 sounded the best although over compressed and that could come down to a style decision. I was wondering if the EQ changed, did you make any other changes?
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    Is Anyone Using a Rack PC?

    +2 on what Rich said. A SSD will make a huge difference. If you have the original W7 install disc, do that and reinstall your other software. If possible, leave it off line so you don't have to worry about security. A clean install of everything will help make it run better also. If you do...
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    Mixing SOS

    Me too. With a few exceptions, everything I record, I've played many times. When I have to record to a click because I want to add drums, bass, etc. and it needs to be in time is when the problems start. Sometime it flows, sometime not so much.
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    Mixing SOS

    I didn't really hear anything wrong with the first clip either. The only thing I noticed was what sounds like string noise related to the pick in the part where you were playing the c d and g chords. Second clip was fine too. If I had played either of those I would be perfectly happy with it. I...
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    Would you pay $60 to watch Grammy "nominee" Marc Daniel Nelson mix a full song in real time?

    I've noticed that the owners of a lot of the youtube music production channels that I have followed for years, no longer produce their own content, or not much of it. They have guest hosts that usually have their own youtube channel providing content. Some of those guest hosts I follow, some of...
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    Tools to sound like the radio

    I would settle for that. :ROFLMAO:
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    Guitar + vocal tracked at one time

    Can this person re-sing the song while listening to the recording? My wife video recorded a performance of one of my songs with her iPad. It is acoustic guitar and a vocal. The acoustic guitar over powered the vocal in places. I simply imported the audio into Reaper and re-recorded the vocal...
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    Download freely FL Studio

    + 2 on Reaper. I tried the Pro Tools trial because Pro Tools is the industry standard. It was not very user friendly and I got tired of messing with it. After considering the cost to buy Pro Tools, I decided to try Reaper. The trial is unlimited as far as program function. There are also...
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    That dang guitar

    Less mistakes if you aren't playing.......
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    Home recording songs

    In the past, my wife has video recorded me playing and singing on her I-pad. The performance was good but the vocals were drown out by the guitar. If I had been recording the guitar and vocals separately, it would have been easy to mix the guitar and vocals and be done. Since I didn't do this, I...
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    Mixing SOS

    Very nice and tidy. I'm in a similar boat. I've been spending a lot of time listening to songs that are the same style as I play. I look at them with a spectrum analyzer to see what the different frequencies are doing since I don't have the skill or the ear to know what I'm hearing yet. After...
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    Does this compressor / limiter balance keep the drums in the mix or ruin them?

    This sounds good, but I still like the guitar part from the first one, that's just me. Keep trying until you find what you like. I had a simple guitar part I was trying to make work and the fix ended up being as simple as changing guitars. Took me three hours to figure it out though.