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    Sweet Marguerita

    From my recent remix project ...
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    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    I remixed and remastered our 2020 release. This is my band, "Who We Are" - or more who we were. The pandemic disbanded us on what was a temporary basis, but then our drummer got hit by a softball in the head while doing security at a college and suffered a TBI. So we don't know if we'll ever...
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    Forever More

    This is a remix off my band's 2020 album release.. Because we operated as a band, and three of sang lead, we took turns singing. In fact, out of the 10 songs on the album, I sing two. The lyrics in this song are entirely based on pick up lines.
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    When I first named the collection, it was a play on words, laughingly, at George Bush's "misunderestimate" - combining "Retro" w/ "Respectful". Originally, the collection contained what I called my "throwback" tunes w/ a nod to the 60s ... but as with all things that are randomly formed and...
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    Lesson in Life

    This was a totally corrupted file from 2007. Fortunately, I was able to save SOME of it. The midi parts stayed intact. The audio parts ... NOPE. Back then, it was basically the dawn of broadband. I made STRICT habit of librarying tracks contributed over the net. So, in saving what I could from...
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    New & Improved!

    Seriously. That was the name of the album - and now w/ all the remixed versions on it, it actually lives up to its title. This version, like the others I've been posting, have new songs integrated into the collection, as well as attention paid to song styles and set flow. Posted for any who...
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    When I Arrived

    Been remixing a TON as of late. Sorry about flooding the board. This one is a bit of a study in the usage of single/double track on the lead vocal to "boost" lines for impact. This technique goes back to the earliest days of recording and was used extensively by George Martin w/ Beatles tunes...
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    "If you please" (A proposal in song)

    Featuring the K-dub Philharmonic Choir and Delicatessen. Tjarko Busink: Bass Frank Basile: Drums Mark Crumb: Lead guitar and organ T-bone Hyer: Piano Me: The rest
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    The Gods of the Internet Out in the great big world of You Tube, I did not know this even existed until I stumbled up on it. It is the whole album put together by the Gods of the Internet. The associated videos (which I made and...
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    Sooner or Later

    Sooner or later When the pyramids fall And the great leaders crawl Under fire in the sky Is it better to wait Or to cure a disease Would you pull a small child From an oncoming car? Or would you pardon me please If I lied to your face Just so long as I dance And you’re kept entertained Sooner...
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    Remix project: The first album revisited 20 years later

    When I first started working on this album, I was still in my early 40s and JUST learning how to do this recording stuff. Back when, the internet's paint was still wet, and knowledgeable folks flocked to it to check it out. Trolls eventually drove them away, but before they left ... I got to...
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    It is FINE if you don't want to listen ... but I'd appreciate it nonetheless

    This is a big request. I took on a big project. I tried to rewrite the backside of Abbey Road (in album model) in more of a life story continuance. The Beatles did it kind of "fractured sequence". I tried to piece an overarching life story thread to it. "Deeper" is a song of new love and lust...
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    It's kind of heartwarming and bittersweet. With the mixes I've posted on the board recently, I'm going back to material worked on a decade ago or so ago, and remixing with new tools and new knowledge gained in the interim. It's a challenge doing so, both from the aspect of very little of the...
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    Final Daze (remix)

    And in the final daze before the war Most of the people were still confused And all the politicians swore they tried Or so they lied ... then all the people said: "Don't give us no more empty promises" "We've had enough of them" Right up to here ... I work my job from 5 to 5 and I can barely...
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    When I Arrived ... by me :D

    When I arrived I found I'd gone nowhere My baggage got lost somewhere on the way It was a lousy day Everything not going my way And yet I had to smile Because every day is beautiful, you know? When you've got your peace of mind? You really have arrived I traveled so far And wound up going...
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    "Sooner or Later"

    Eventually our behavior catches up with us.
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    Evening Star - "Live drums/resampled" blended

    The original performance was really good, but the individual drums weren't "popping" in the way I wanted. So I went through and took the original individual pieces, and blended sampled drums into the kick/snare/tom parts in order to better isolate and pan them. What that (hopefully) resulted in...
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    "You Monkeys" (Who We Are)

    Remix of a funk blues number done by my band and I. Any/all comments warmly welcomed. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving (where celebrated)!
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    You Monkeys

    New one off the new release we're working on.