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  1. K

    Age - when does it become a problem?

    TAE - perfect. A baby's arm holding an apple.
  2. K

    "Betrayed By The Cheese"

    Aim for a wider stage w/ more separation, bud, in more of the song (particularly the early section). That's my ONLY advice. Everything is otherwise good ... but the opening section is a bit all up the center. Don't be afraid to use panning to isolate instruments. :D
  3. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    Thanks bud! I again remixed - ever so slightly bringing the bass up a hair and the kick back a couple db. Then I put the new mix into this vid:
  4. K

    Sweet Marguerita

    From my recent remix project ...
  5. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    Thankee kindly, Paul!!
  6. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    Hi EyeSupreme! Very thorough. Thank you! The drums are recorded live, and so I'd need to use a drum replacer to swap out the sounds. The problem with that is some of the subtlety always gets lost when employed. I DO, though, know EXACTLY what you mean. Those wires are the bane of the drum solo...
  7. K

    See it in Your Eyes

    I've never been a big fan of the hard autotune technique. In general, aside from the aforementioned curious lack of bigger bottom, the arrangement and mix are well done. Some nice production candy inserted. Personally, I'd ditch the autotune. I know it makes it "sound more modern", but I find it...
  8. K

    psychedelic rock, mix check

    What K said. That took some work. Nicely done.
  9. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    The tracks were almost complete when I got it in my head to invite Keith, my drummer's brother in law (who plays in a cover band w/ him) in to take a whack at lead vocal duties. Although I'm perfectly capable of singing my own stuff, Keith's timbre added a character I thought actually better...
  10. K

    Forever More

    This is from this:
  11. K

    Forever More

    I'll also run a kick/snare parallel and aux out both to set frequencies to enhance. ... which I did on this.
  12. K

    Forever More

    If I need that "extra boost", I'll employ that technique also. The shit we know, K. :D
  13. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    If you're of a mind ... should you enjoy the capper on the release, here's the rest to give a listen to! Have a great Saturday night!
  14. K

    Feeling Low (et. al.)

    I remixed and remastered our 2020 release. This is my band, "Who We Are" - or more who we were. The pandemic disbanded us on what was a temporary basis, but then our drummer got hit by a softball in the head while doing security at a college and suffered a TBI. So we don't know if we'll ever...
  15. K

    Forever More

    K - fixed.
  16. K


    MUCH improved. You've a style all your own. Kind of rock electronica.
  17. K

    Forever More

    There's horns combined w/ vox. It does get dense. I'll pull them back. Thanks K!! It's a real snare, but I may have it gated too hard. I'll attend.
  18. K

    More Noise

    This is a terrific cover. LOVE the groove. Very stylized. Absolutely zero nits. Nice work on the harmonies in particular.
  19. K

    Acony Bell - Gillian Welch cover

    This is perfectly mixed for the genre. Enjoyed the listen!
  20. K

    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    Mix is good, which is tough, because the content is dense.