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    MT drummer editing question

    Hi I have laid down a full drum track and know how to go into each section to edit individual beats etc. Is there a way to make a single edit on say a snare that will be applied to the whole song. Eg...I want to reduce velocity of the snare by 50% but going into each snare hit one by one will...
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    Reverb buss

    Hi I have a basic song template set up where I use a buss with some reverb vst to receive from most tracks so that the song has a nice overall balance of reverb. Since learning how to set up a buss I've not touched the template but noticed tonight that muting the buss track or changing the...
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    Something in the water - Indie/alt folk song

    Hi New one up here for...taken quite some time to get it anywhere near ready as there's a fair bit of piano/ synth strings work on this which I'm barely proficient at. As always I'd appreciate feedback on the mix as it's not been mastered yet. Cheers, Mark
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    CPU issue (i assume)

    Hi I'm using Cockos reapitch to create a couple of additional 'voices' for a small section of a track I'm recording. The issue is that when that section plays, it is horribly distorted. I've read previously that reapitch is CPU intensive so I'm assuming this is the issue? Are there any work...
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    Song - Kicking out the days

    Evening First outing in over a year for me due to a hand injury. This is a song i'd been working on before the injury...I'd kind of abandoned it ages ago but then thought it might be a useful way to get used to recording it got a new vocal melody and lyric and is right here...
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    Effects on one section

    Hi Its been a year since I did any recording after a hand injury so trying to remember half the stuff on reaper I never learnt properly in the first place 🥴 of which is applying an effect to just one portion of the song ...a rejig of my memory would be helpful. Cheers Mark
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    Effects on one section

    Hi Its been a year since I did any recording after a hand injury so trying to remember half the stuff on reaper I never learnt properly in the first place 🥴 of which is applying an effect to just one portion of the song ...a rejig of my memory would be helpful. Cheers Mark
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    Acoustic guitar.

    Hi I feel that I'm fairly competent at getting an acoustic guitar to sit well in a full band set up mix as backing, however I often shy away from leaving a track raw ( that I'd prefer raw) because I feel I can't get an acoustic to sound strong enough on its own with minimal backing. I usually...
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    New Indie Rock song - Dusted

    Evening....Feedback on this one would be much appreciated as always... Cheers, Mark Dusted 25 - 11 V2 by Mountain Telegraphs | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Which computer specs to look for

    A simple question that has probably been asked a ton of times but theres no sticky as such. My PC is struggling to cope with running reaper as soon as I get to the top end of track numbers. I typically work about 30 tracks with a reverb buss and several other plug ins on individual tracks. Some...
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    Simple drum vst

    I've been using MT drummer a while and very happy with it, however just having one kit is a tad restrictive. Is there a similarly intuitive drum vst with a wider range of kits / percussion? I love the speed of working in MT so thats the key fir me...not wanting much of a learning curve! Mark
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    Removable vocal / acoustic recording room

    We'll soon be moving house and will finally have a spare room so I can move past recording at the dining room table or on the sofa...sadly the spare room won't be a dedicated studio space but it is at least somewhere I can camp out in for the odd day here and there ?...I'm therefore looking for...
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    Recording bass

    I'm often struggling to get a decent bass tone on my songs. They often sound 'woofy' or 'flabby' The strings are in decent nick and I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong. I record DI into a focusrite solo and have tried a couple of plug ins along with reapers own cockos compression preset...
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    Editing midi notes in reaper

    I'm trying to drop the velocity of a snare which was dropped into reaper from MT drummer. On Kenny Gioia's tutorial its as simple as right clicking on the piano on left in the midi editing screen and then changing velocity for all notes in the edit. Unfortunately I'm trying to do that and it...
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    Grid lines

    Whilst inserting some empty space at the start of a track I forgot that I'd turned off the snap tool. This means the section inserted was not regular in beat with rest of the song so its making copy paste from verses etc difficult. Is there a way I can get the grid lines back in sync with...
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    Track bleed

    I have recorded a low key acoustic track to a drum backing in Mt Drummer. Strangely, although muted, I can hear a very irritating low level drum in the background, even when rendered. I used closed ear cups to record, there are no send or recieve buses so no idea why this is coming through..i...
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    Evening. I've not posted for a while due to a hand injury but finally got round to doing vocals and a mix on this song. It was written after watching a live Frankenstein show on NT live during's about love, obsession, murder...all the good stuff. Shes the better part of me But it...
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    Where the grasses lie

    Hi I posted the instrumental version of this some weeks ago and finally got enough time to work on the vocals. It's not been mastered yet as just wanted a few thoughts on the balance, levels and of course the song. Feedback as always much appreciated. Mark Where The Grasses Lie Demo 14 - 07...
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    Latency on new mic

    I've just started using a Rode NT1a for vocals to replace my old ADK mic...for the first time ever in reaper I have had what appears to be some kind of latency issue on playback. No issue recording and monitoring but the playback is a few milliseconds out. I think it even varies on takes which...
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    Weird Glitch

    I'm not entirely sure this is a reaper issue but thought it the best place to start. I'm working on a song and keep having a recurring fault where the signal on a guitar line in will suddenly become horribly distorted...not loud and smooth, just weird sounds and unusable. I've never had it on...