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  1. TAE

    After the Gold Rush...Neils Topanga Canyon Home studio revisited 40 years later

    Cool little tour of what was once the room where After the Gold Rush was recorded and some fun insights into how it all came to be...Just goes to show ya..Homereckers can put out gold
  2. TAE

    Lonely street

    Stumbled upon these lyrics I wrote about 10 or so years's a cool song Lonely Street I'm taking a walk Down lonely street There's a lot of broken people hangin out there Loneliness and Pain Broken hearts and mind games They're the bricks that line lonely street Lonely Street It's the...
  3. TAE

    How cool would it be to have a full orchestra at your command?

    Damn..I am trying to buy this apogee duet from this Gal on the internets and she sends me a response e-mail with links to her stuff.. She's like an orchestral swizzle stick composer / conductor... I'm a rock dude but I love what George Martin did with the Beatles using orchestras and of course...
  4. TAE

    Jim Croce full concert...2 guys and 2 guitars in Chicago...awesome

    Always loved this guy...but only really knew what went mainstream..I has the one 8 track tape that had Operator and Don't mess around with Jim on it...but this concert really shines a light on what a incredible entertainer he was...what a shame his life was cut so short I'd of loved to have...
  5. TAE

    It's only words...

    Interesting video on the the state of our woken world... This a Christian guy interviewing people about some of the big deal discussions of the day..gender and abortion..He is pretty diplomatic in not forcing his Christianity on them, expressing his knowledge but sharing his perspective. Going...
  6. TAE

    Stop the train! Let's talk about addiction and jumping off that Crazy Train

    Stop the train! Is a song I wrote many years ago (before Crazy Train was written) about the subject of addiction. I was in the prime of my Rock n Roll lifestyle probably 23 or so @ 1976. I was a Pot head and didn't see myself as addicted (I was) but I saw a lot of my friends going deeper into...
  7. TAE

    If you're a Oingo Boingo fan

    You might enjoy THIS which is a link to the youtube channel where the former members of OB joined up and played a concert last year on Halloween at the wonderfull Coach house in So Cal Filmed in 3d ( How dey do dat?) pretty awesome! Dead mans party
  8. TAE

    Would you pay $60 to watch Grammy "nominee" Marc Daniel Nelson mix a full song in real time?

    Well would ya punk? How about for $57. So I guess in this pay for it and learn video..Marc goes through the whole process of him mixing a full song with plugins..
  9. TAE

    Elon Musk what a loser!

    Just kidding...I really get a kick out of this amazing visionary. What a great mind...Here he shares his very grounded views on several things that I find fascinating and invigorating. I am voting for Elon Musk for President of the world..
  10. TAE

    Moonlight Sonata on Rhoids

    OK he's a bad ass...
  11. TAE

    So I met this cool cat the other day

    OK show n tell time....So I did the Coverings trade show in Las Vegas last week. I was working the booth for a new company in Barstow that is the first company west of the Rockies to make quartz surfacing. American quartz...First day of the show there was another older fart that showed up to...
  12. TAE

    This may be the last time I don't know

    Damn fine rendition I must say....
  13. TAE

    An inside peek into one of the most successful Home recording studios to date.

    Very cool interview with Finneas ( Billy Eilish's brother) right place, right time, with naturally born gifts and drive...very cool story of Actor parents who suffered, struggled and sacrificed to help their kids be successful in the entertainment industry... Turns out Finneas is also...
  14. TAE

    To be thick as brick....played live by Billy Strings in 1999

    Stumbled upon this today going down the YT rabbit hole. It warmed my heart to see this young man bringing this song to a whole new generation of listeners multiple generations after this was performed originally by Ian Anderson in the 70's... Add to all of this turns out this Billy Strings kid...
  15. TAE

    You will never hear surf music again....

    Or will you? So I was looking at gigs on craigslist and this LA surf band is looking for keys...hmmm from Prog Rock, to Classic Rock, to Country Rock to surf music? Hmmmm? So I clicked on the link to listen to these surf punks and I gotta say as an old man who has no real knowledge or taste in...
  16. TAE

    Fish on Fire!

    Next time I'm in Orlando me n Spanitini are going to jam there ( they have this open mic thing) ...or at least eat some of their fried shrimp... It's my go to every time I fly out of Orlando...most favorite fried shrimp basket I have ever had!
  17. TAE

    King Crimson Rolling Stone article and movie release

    When I look back on my teen musical influences of which there are several, King Crimson's court of the Crimson King certainly is in the top 3 with the Beatles and Pink Floyd.... I got to see them at Long Beach arena in .....Not a big fan of later stuff until Adrian Belew joined and...
  18. TAE

    Happy Belated Saint Patty's Day

    Here's a new way to get the snakes out of Ireland....This is a dang cool video truly makes my Irish eyes smile, and when they smile you can hear the angels sing Angels I tell ya!
  19. TAE

    Getting schooled by country music...damn!

    I was a bit surprised when Dave Goode the drummer said that he had to work harder on the songs we are doing than he has had to work on anything else he's done in the last 40 years...I thought it was just me ... ;) The torture continues but the no pain no gain adage is very true. So new songs...
  20. TAE

    Virtual mashup Jams

    Over the last few years more and more of these are popping up...where a song is put together with musicians from all over the world....pretty damn cool...Here's one to start this off...Post em here if you come upon one that is cool.