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    Room/Mic Problem

    I may have forgotten what this was all about, but it seems like a lot of treatment for recording a voice track in a very large room. Panels and such do not insulate against external sounds, especially things like HVAC and such. (Seal your doors and windows first.) Of course, it [treatment] will...

    Zoom h6 needs shotgun NTG2 (rode)??

    A dynamic mic, cabled and on a boom stand that can get close to your face, is going to be easier to work with than the stereo condenser XY cartridge. If you have an H6 that came with the Mid-Side cartridge, you could try that (again, relatively close to your face, gain turned down) and keep only...

    Howard Stern mics.

    I digress, but you probably want to go back farther, or have a crystal ball, for any of the current tulip bulbs on the market. If you'd bought a year ago and kept it until today you'd just about break even. Maybe.

    Room/Mic Problem

    I thought the Trim was automatically set when it is in 32-bit float mode, and sounds like it is. If you are using the 24-bit file, you need to set it [Trim level] to whatever makes the track record at to give a good signal (vs. noise floor). There's no "fixed" amount that can be given in advance...

    Beyerdynamic M201

    I got one of these to try out because I'm always trying to find a dynamic mic for my voice that makes me sound good ;). No, actually, I'm slowly getting rid of stuff, and trying to do like a 2-out/1-in thing, or just keep 1 of something, and before the trusty old SM58s go on the block, I thought...

    Room/Mic Problem

    Yeah, you have to wait for a sale. The "Elements" ($129( version's Voice De-noise might be enough, but certainly, the "Standard" ($399) version's Spectral De-noise works on almost anything I've thrown at it. You might find some free de-noiser plug-in works fine for what you are doing, though...

    Room/Mic Problem

    Using 32-bit *float* mode with sufficient TRIM/GAIN on the F6, you should be able to capture a good signal that can be cleaned up pretty well with something like iZotope's RX. This assumes the ambient noise is consistent, which it probably is if you're not "hearing" it in the room.

    Room/Mic Problem

    OP said he had an F6, not an H6. All the settings, like gain/trim, are in the sub-menu. It might be useful to know what the settings are, phantom power settings, etc. Just to confirm. Full manual here: (Search the PDF for "setting the input source".)

    Room/Mic Problem

    As pointed out, the available gain on he F6 is more than adequate. I’ve had the F8 and still have the F8n and the preamps are very quiet. Make sure you are using 32-bit float mode and set the TRIM properly for the mic, which should not need to be turned up all the way. You can increase the gain...

    My first terrible microphone in my look at counterfeits

    Pretty funny, though probably not so much for folks that actually spent money thinking (fantasizing) that they are getting an actual Shure mic.

    an acoustic rock tune: "Hightime"

    This is very good. I don't really trust my ears that much, but there are just a few places in the vocals where the background (mostly vocal, but could be other stuff, too - fairly quick listen) comes up enough to blur the lead articulation, or at least I struggled a bit to understand the words...

    Room/Mic Problem

    Curtis Judd is the man. I watched a lot of his videos and one of his classes. A lavalier is probably a much better solution, and there are lots of inexpensive ones (well, there *were* - haven't looked lately), that might be useful to at least augment the audio. The misconception in shotguns is...

    Which guitar should I sell?

    These are quite close - a lot of what I think we are hearing is the room or mic. I did check and these both appear to be normalized to -17dB LUFS with 0dB peaks - suggesting some processing was applied. In Audacity (not a scientific tool, I know), the difference in spectrum plots is fairly...

    Catalog your gear for yourself and your family

    The business model (at least in the US) for insurance companies is "collect premiums and deny claims" - that simple. They're not there to help us out in times of trouble, because that hits their bottom line, i.e., don't believe the smiling, wise/warm/funny actors (or CGI animals) in their ads...

    Warm Audio microphone comparison

    I'd like to have had non-compressed audio and enable downloads at SC for those. Transient response, especially for acoustic instruments, is important to hear. (Does the WA-14 have a HPF, or was it some EQ/plugin?) Honestly I'm not crazy about any of them, which could have had something to do...

    Cleaning a heavy poly maple board?

    A small bottle of mineral spirits is cheaper than GooGone, which is mostly made up of the same thing. Doesn't smell as nice, but doesn't leave GooGone's oily residue to clean off. It is more effective than naptha in some cases, but since it is "paint" thinner, you do need to check it on the...

    Need Advice for Heil PR30 Setup

    Because the microphone sensitivity is a negative number, the bigger the number, the lower the output level, e.g., output given as -58dB is less (lower) than -53dB, so the latter number will require less gain to achieve the same level on a recorded track. (All things being equal, of course.)...

    Need Advice for Heil PR30 Setup

    The Heil has pretty high output for a dynamic mic: -51dB (or -52.9dB I saw on a different site), and that Audient is spec’d at 58dB of gain, so I don’t see the need for a CL-1. If you whisper, any dynamic mic will present some problems.

    SM57 versus SM58: What's the difference?

    I'd also read that somewhere, and someone linked a Shure site blurb about the difference here or in another forum. They are each designed to be a bit more suited to specific use cases, so if you have someone that puts their lips right on the grill or are shoving the grill against the amp...

    How is your financial portfolio?

    I don't even look - not like I'm going to do anything about it except let it ride. On "fixed incomes" now so pretty conservatively spread and took out the first required RMD in January, with a little extra for some necessary home maintenance, so 2022 should be covered. In retrospect, it would...