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    Beyerdynamic M201

    I got one of these to try out because I'm always trying to find a dynamic mic for my voice that makes me sound good ;). No, actually, I'm slowly getting rid of stuff, and trying to do like a 2-out/1-in thing, or just keep 1 of something, and before the trusty old SM58s go on the block, I thought...

    YouTube video with FLAC audio

    Can't remember if I did this before, but somewhere in a thread here or elsewhere the topic of what kind of audio should be in the video that's submitted to YT. (EDIT: I seaerched, and I did do this same thing in the MP3 sub-forum a while back... Sorry!) This is a video of a practice I did last...

    *sold* - Pair of Studio Projects SDCs (on Reverb)

    Continuing the slow downsizing. US (lower 48) sales only. Sold locally off Craigslist. (17may2022)

    iZotope - season 4

    The videos from iZotope (1st 3 seasons, e.g.) are usually largely focused on the mastering tools they sell, like Ozone and RX, but they've started a season on mixing, that looks pretty good. This is the 2nd episode, mostly about monitoring.

    Another mandolin recording

    This is actually a Norman Blake song (Church Street Blues), with my friend on guitar. Quick home recording - we were just fooling around with the recorder on. 3 mics, 1ea (Soyuz 013 FET) on the mando and guitar plus a vocal mic (SM58). Lots of bleed in my small music room and enough clams to...

    Mac OS Monterrey (12.1)

    I read a (Mac guy) column in the newspaper where he has had some issues with this release, and one relating to a USB hub. I don't use one of those - yet - but I'm definitely holding off on that release probably until .2 or .3, if ever. My '17 iMac doesn't need all the M1+ updates, I know that.

    Another Mando Duet - JSB

    Our son was home for Christmas so I pressed a mandolin into his hands for this one. Recorded on my Zoom F8n with a pair of Soyuz 013 (FET) SDCs about a good 15-18" away from each other and same distance from the mandos, angled slightly away from each other - i.e., no specific stereo recording...

    Interface Preamp Noise vs. Condenser Mic Noise

    Interesting video from Julian Krause:

    What's that little piece of metal for, anyway?

    I've noticed in a few XLR male ends (in microphones only, perhaps) that's there's a little piece of metal visible. Is it just something that some makers put in there to prevent rotation? Why is it there? I was dusting off an old mic to consider selling it, and I noticed that it actually has a...

    WDR Big Band

    I had nothing to do with this. Wife and I watched this live stream earlier today and thought it was damn good. You run out of fingers counting the mics (mostly Neumanns if I had to guess, a clutch of Royers on the 'bones). I didn't try to record it, but this was posted within an hour of the end...

    More mandolin...

    Some father-son (easy) duets recorded at home when our son popped in for a visit last week. Neither of us has been playing very long (about 6 mos. for me, and while he's had his a bit longer, he's put in only a few hours when he visits - he's a pretty good amateur violinist, though). The...

    Solo Mandolin

    After a month of practice (new to mandolin 4mos ago), and still with some "plinky" tone issues, but this was recorded with 2 small SDC mics just out of frame - just in the lower corners, roughly 16" from the mandolin. (The thing you can "just" see in the lower right is actually a camera tripod...

    Does anyone have any experience with the SDC (or any) mics, kits or pre-assembled, at (The guy that runs that also sells LDC mics under the Roswell name, but no SDCs.) They have an SDC kit (or pair kit) that presumably clone a Schoeps or a Neumann. (Links below.) Curious about...

    SOLD - SM57 with A2WS (on Reverb)

    **SOLD** $80 + tax on

    "Gain" from impedance matching transformer (?)

    Calling @ecc83 ... How can a passive device spec state that "Gain is 21 dB," like this Shure XLR to 1/4" (balanced low to unbalanced high) impedance matcher? I'm guessing it's simply the voltage increase, at the expense...

    Gerzon Array (stereo mic technique)

    Came across this in a FB post by Roswell (mic company). I'd never heard of it before, and didn't see it mentioned here. Anybody ever try this? SOS article from [just] last year:

    Focusrite Saffire Firewire Interface

    I have a retired, but fully functional Saffire Pro26 FireWire interface. I know, obsolete. When I got the newer iMac w/o a port I used it for about a year with my Mini in the non-music home-office space, but it's really just taking up space and used only to test some Focusrite things. Been...

    Roswell Mic Q&A video

    It's about an hour long, but I thought it was informative. Gets a little mic-nerdy I suppose, but I'll watch the next one.

    Wandering into the ballad lands

    This is a song by a local singer-songwriter that was suggested to me years ago when I did a different number by the same person with a fiddler friend of mine. I took a listen, and thought "never gonna happen," but a year of staring at 4 walls can make a person do strange things. And, our son had...

    Gear & Gas

    Discussion and interview with Cory and the Wongnotes. ;) Cory and The Wongnotes // GEAR (feat. Antwaun Stanley) [Ep. 2] - YouTube