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  1. noisedude

    Cheap as nuts reverb that doesn't suck?

    I need to get an FX box of some sort quite soon, for sticking some reverb on live vox and guitars. To be used both in a small PA and in the monitor chain for recording. My budget is basically nothing, so the question is - which out of all the units that go on Ebay daily for next-to-nothing is...
  2. noisedude

    Has anyone ever tried .....

    ........ setting their EQ up like in the HR logo (top left of your browser window right now)? It looks a bit odd. I'd like someone to strap an EQ of exactly that shape across the master buss of one of their mixes and post before and after clips in the MP3 clinic to see how terrible it sounds...
  3. noisedude

    How much can I expect from Logic and my Macbook?

    I'm thinking of ditching Reaper/Windows and using my Macbook as my music machine. Basically cutting loose all my millions of freebie plugins and getting Logic Studio, the whole deal. I already have BFD2 that I want to use for drums. My Macbook spec is: - Core 2 Duo 2ghz - 1gb ram - 80gb hard...
  4. noisedude

    Online synthesiser? Anyone know one?

    I'm teaching about waves and superposition at the moment at college and am walking people through the basics of using sine waves for synthesis. I'm using a spreadsheet to take a fundamental and its harmonics to create graphs of additive sawtooth and square wave sounds but it's a little abstract...
  5. noisedude

    Instrument Frequencies Map

    Check this out, it's the most detailed one of its kind I've seen ... including some of those elusive words that people who know what they're talking about seem to use like 'honk' and 'warmth' and 'definition'. It's not perfect but it might get you thinking about how you arrange your instruments...
  6. noisedude

    What happened to all my presets?

    Installed all my VST plugins onto a new PC with Reaper 1.888 on it ... none of the presets are there! The lists are empty! Some of these plugs come with very usable starter settings and they're all missing (apart from in Vintage Warmer) ... any ideas what went wrong? Talking Waves in...
  7. noisedude

    Red5 Audio drum kit set

    Got the cheaper (£149) Red5 Audio drum kit mic set recently, the overheads are a bit cheapy but just wanted to say that for the cost it absolutely can't be beaten. All sounds decent, looks sturdy, comes in a decent enough case and with four rim clamps. I know good things have been posted in...
  8. noisedude

    Alesis iO 26 firewire interface

    An unexpected success this ... bought it as an easy 'do most things ok' box for a project studio I'm setting up in a local youth centre, and been extremely pleased with the results. Easy to use, decent enough preamps, two headphone outputs with their own volume controls, ADAT for expansion...
  9. noisedude

    Bloody hell, it really is that good!!

    So I'm teaching recording (don't laugh now chaps) at a local youth centre to some volunteer trainees. Because it's in the spirit of charity and all that, I decided to go with Reaper rather than any of the various (and variously (il)legal) packages I have around cos it's free and they can all...
  10. noisedude

    Apple Macbook ... take the plunge?

    I'm fed up with Windows and I'm fed up with my ancient laptop that I can't even watch DVDs on. So it's time for a change. What do people think around here, find a nice little Acer or HP and put Linux on it, or cross to the other side and Mac it up? The entry-level Macbook is decent enough...
  11. noisedude

    Printable website for beginners? Any ideas?

    Hello, in a case of the blind leading the very blind, I'm currently involved in a youthwork project in which we are 'training' a bunch of musical kids to use a recording 'studio' we have set up in a medium-sized room at a local church. These guys have no background at all and in six weeks need...
  12. noisedude

    I'm less lardy than before

    I know this will probably (even in here) open me up to all sorts of easy jokes but dammit all, I'll celebrate my success even if no-one else will!! I'm under 20 stone in weight for the first time in almost three years. I've only lost about 25lb but it's been bloody hard work and I'm just...
  13. noisedude

    Would it be possible ....

    .... for someone to catch me up and explain what's happening around here? I mean, yeah let's have a Pro Tools forum and everything, even a Reaper one if you want, but what on earth is going on down at THIS end of the list??:confused::confused::confused:
  14. noisedude

    Loads of stuff - guitars, mic, interface, monitors etc etc ... UK

    Moving house and need to sell a few bits because I own too much stuff! I really can't be bothered with Ebay so anything I can sell privately saves me going elsewhere. I've bought and sold through before so you know I'm one of the good guys :) I can provide pictures and will...
  15. noisedude

    Testing testing

    Don't mind me, this is just a test thread!
  16. noisedude

    Tell me about a cheapish power amp!

    Ok just scored some Event 20/20 monitors for peanuts on Ebay which I'm quite happy about ... except I have no power amp as yet to drive them with. What's the word on them nowadays? I haven't got huge money to spend, there are the usual Alesis and Samson things out there but I'd be interested...
  17. noisedude

    Who here has played a G&L or G&L Tribute?

    I'm more interested in the Tribute stuff, just because more people will have come across it I think. What do you guys think of Leo Fender's last developments? And how do you think they stack up against other stuff on the market today? It just seems to me to be an under-performing company...
  18. noisedude

    Amp and speaker ohms ... help!!

    So I've got a combo amp which is 100w hybrid (essentially solid-state) which has an extension output that says 8 Ohms on it. I'm looking at an extension cab which is a 2x12 and says "4 Ohms mono / 8 Ohms per side stereo". Can I use this amp with this cab? Will my amp blow up? I don't really...
  19. noisedude

    A little something that's winding me up

    Ok so this is a little song I've been working on but it doesn't sound right and I can't work out why. Can you guys give me a clue? Sorry it's only 128kbps quality, I got a bit confused with the encoder. EDIT - (very) slightly improved mp3:
  20. noisedude

    GHS Boomers

    Just tried some on my Tele and although I expected to hear nothing different, they actually do sound really good! They aren't smooth to the touch like Ernies or Gibson Brite Wires but you can really get into them. Just wanted to share cos I know they're a bit of a forum favourite.