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  1. altiris

    Can't believe I haven't been on this forum in 10 years.

    I started coming here in 2004 then disappeared around 06'. Surprised my account is still active. Anyone still here since then? If so, what's up. If not then hello.
  2. altiris

    whats the catch on these mics? why are they so cheap?

    found this on ebay. 5 sm57's for $199
  3. altiris

    Using electrical cords as speaker wire

    I know this guy that has a live stage set up. I’ve noticed all his wires that go to the speaker were those orange extension cables with 1/4 heads added. I asked him why he used those. He said that they are the same gauge as speaker wire and that the cost per foot is far less than actual speaker...
  4. altiris

    what connections of mixer to use for live recording

    Next month I have a project at an annual festival. I’m going to be recording some live bands. Last year I only had two channels and I tapped off a sub mix from the main mixer. So really I didn’t do the mixing. I just did the recording. Well there was not much I could do for the mixing. There was...
  5. altiris

    I smoked my PSU but it still works??

    I just installed my new EMU-1820m. All was fine but I think I overloaded my PSU. I smelled that burning smell and the PSU fan went haywire. Funny thing is that it still works. My PC acts normal now. Has anyone experienced smoking your PSU but it still works. Or will it eventually fail...
  6. altiris

    96k is better than 44.1k sample rate. why?

    Something told me that sample rate was not audible frequency. So I searched for this. I found this article If you scroll down to the sampling rate where the sine wave is on this site, it will explain what that 44.1k sample...
  7. altiris

    got an EMU1820m with bundled software $479

    I just bought an emu1820m. I found this authorized seller on ebay that is selling it bundled with Cubase LE, Sonar LE, Wave Lab LE, Amplitube LE, ProteusX LE, Live (G) light whatever that is, T-Racks EQ. Got it for $479 + shipping. This seller is also selling the firepod bundled with Cubase SX3...
  8. altiris

    Is the emulator X worth the extra $100?

    Im looking into buying the EMU1820m. but is the emulator x worth the extra $100. Has anyone bought this bundle? emulator x is the same thing as 1820m just with a bundled sooftware right? I dont hear much about the software. so Im wondering if im better off just getting the 1820m or the 1820...
  9. altiris

    dual core or new audio interface

    I cant decide weather to upgrade my AMD 3700+ to a AMD 3800 dual core or to upgrade my EMU-0404 audio card to a card with more in/out puts. Cubase 2 has dual processor support. I’ve seen the processor I have on eBay go for $200. I want to put it up for auction before its value goes down. I've...
  10. altiris

    how do you hook up a sub to your DAW

    My home audio receiver had a sub out. and my sub has a, well a sub in. but if I want to buy a sub for my DAW how is it hooked up when I dont have a sub out from my audio interface or monitor? do I need to buy something else to use one?
  11. altiris

    truth B2031A is that last berry product ill buy

    I spent $339 dollars on a pair of berry monitors. I say it was a waste of money. One of the tweeters is making a buzzing distortion sound. I don’t think want to utilize the warranty as it will cost a lot to ship 30 lb. I’m never going to buy berhinger again! Any one have any advice on a pair of...
  12. altiris

    Why does DFH take up 1.2 gig of ram

    Why does DFH take up 1.2 gig of ram. The minimume requirement is 256. I have 2 gigs of ram. but every time I load it i get system memory low. It works. but why does it take up so much. If the box says 256 minimume then its misleading. If I had 1 gig ram then it would not have worked. Does any...
  13. altiris

    midi plays ahead of tracks please help

    something strange happend all of a sudden. After I play a midi track it plays like two beats ahead of the mesure. It does it with any of the VSTI. It worked fine till the middle of a song I was working on. Now even starting a new project will still do it. Im running Cubase sx2 with a EMU0404 at...
  14. altiris

    wireless clip mic question

    I have a sure wireless mic. Those little one's that clip on. The mic has a wire that goes to the wireless transmitter and it looks like a mini XLR wire. I was wondering if this little mic can be used with out the wireless transmitter and with an adaptor be plugged into a mixer? Its this little guy
  15. altiris

    Anyone use virtual guitarist?

    Has anyone used this program? If so, what do you think of it? Is it worth the buy. I couldnt find any demos of the program. Thanks for any info.
  16. altiris


    Ok I’m not advertising for this company. We bought this software at my work called protectOn. This software rolls back the PC to its previous state either manual, restart, weekly, daily annual, or on a day of the week. So whatever changes you make weather a virus or you screwed up you machine...
  17. altiris

    Do you need an amp

    I’m looking into buying a guitar multi-effects processor. Most of the reviews are mixed for all of the one I’ve looked at. Ive looked at the: GNX4, Boss ME-50, GT8 and GT6. The GNX is overkill for me. Its got too many features I will not need. The ME-50 has some good things I like. However does...
  18. altiris

    guitar & FX recomendation

    I'm looking for an electric guitar that stable for light to moderate rock to strumming. Most guitars I look up say they are made for heavy rock. Does it make a differance. Im turned off when it it says it was made for heavy rock in mind. One I am looking at is the Ibanez RG321MH. I want to use...
  19. altiris

    How to use Inserts

    I would like to know how to use the inserts on the mixer. This is what I know. The inserts on my mixer are pre fader pre eq. If I insert a mono trs into it, it acks like a direct out. I here it can be used to send a signal to a processor, I asume they are talking about an FX box, and through the...
  20. altiris

    korg triton extreme

    Does anyone have a triton extreme? If so what do you think of it. Im in the market for a new keyboard. If you own one what type of music do you play. I hear its more sutable for dance. Im into rock ballets and moderate rock and slower 80s style.