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  1. flyingace

    Newest Guitar Multi-Effects Processors, floor/rack, etc.

    I recently sold my Zoom G5n. It sounded okay, was decently easy to set up with the desktop software but it just didn’t WOW me. What is the best available today? What is the best but most affordable today? ($300-500 price range) What offers the most iconic ”patches”, to say, play specific songs...
  2. flyingace

    New-to-me gear: Tascam MS-16 1” 16 channel recorder

    So, The guy I bought my Tascam M-520 from called the other day and sold me the near mint Tascam MS-16 with DBX units, auto locator and remote with rolling stand, some patch bays and 4 unused reels of 3M 996 mastering tape for $400! I’m likely crazy for going down this road but it’s sure...
  3. flyingace

    Tascam 244 recent purchase/new project

    As if my burgeoning interest in vintage Tascam equipment with the M-520 and 388 Studio 8 wasn’t enough, I just bought a Tascam 244 4 track cassette portastudio! I got it at an estate sale. The capstan pinch roller was GOO, transport belt and capstan belts GOO, and the idler tires GOO. I have...
  4. flyingace

    Audio Leader & Tape/Alcohol/Swab Dispenser… Check!

    Been looking for one of the old 3m ones that we used to use in the studio, but none to be found and if I could, they go for a lot of $$! So… I made my own that fits my little 3” reels. I designed it to fit a little alcohol pump dispenser in the back with swab storage for cleaning too! Black...
  5. flyingace

    WTB: Rack Ears for TEAC 32-2B

    I'm hoping to find some Rack Ears for my TEAC 32-2B. Right now it sits in the wood case for an X-2000R, which is a perfect fit and makes me wonder if the Rack Ears for the X-2000R would work too. Thanks!
  6. flyingace

    New wood sides for Tascam 388

    I just made some new wood sides out of some black walnut sourced from our property today. Took a while to let the wood cure since I didn’t have a kiln but I had some old stock on hand. The figuring is nice, can’t wait to get a finish on it. I’m thinking I want something more like an oil finish...
  7. flyingace

    TEAC 32-2B Manual needed

    Any one out there have the manual for this unit. I own the ”B” unit with the mechanical counter, not the earlier 32-2 with the digital LED counter. I have the service manual for the B, and the manual for the 32-2 but there are some big differences to this model’s operation. The only manual I can...
  8. flyingace

    Tascam M308B & 38 8-track parts interchange with Tascam 388?

    Will parts from Tascam M308B & 38 8-track interchange with Tascam 388? I have a line on a M308B with the 38 reel-to-reel right now. Mixing board is working fine, reel playback only, no record with no idea from the widow what will make it work. Said husband used parts from the record “portion” to...
  9. flyingace

    Joining the Tascam 388 party... am I crazy?

    Found a great looking unit locally for $2k. Heads look new, new capstan belt, all VUs working and lit (only #7's plastic is broken out!), watched video of it working, recording and playback. Comes with owners blank tape, unsure what brand. I have some 1800ft 7" reels of unopened Scotch 1/4"...
  10. flyingace

    WTB: ART Pro VLA ii Tube Compressor

    FOUND: I am looking for a good price ($150-175) on an ART Pro VLA ii. Original tubes okay. Version 1 (ART Pro VLA) is okay too. Sell me your equipment! Thanks!
  11. flyingace

    UPDATE: Logic Pro X 10.3 is out! Compatibility Issues? Anyone?

    I'm going to go ahead and be the guinea pig and do it. I'm running El Capitan. Here's hoping no troubles!!
  12. flyingace

    Teenage Engineering OP-1: I'm hell bent to buy one...

    I saw these back in 2012, then again in 2014, then I forgot about them. They looked super cool and as a designer for a living, they definitely had my eye for their ingenious and simple design. But it was always the obvious sense of humor they seem to have from an GUI standpoint that really...
  13. flyingace

    My week with a Zoom R24

    While I'm not a very prolific poster here, I read a lot and I really appreciate all the excellent threads and posts about everything under the sun when it comes to song craft, recording (both old school analog and new fangled tech), and technical gadget advice. So Thank You! I wanted to...
  14. flyingace

    Monitoring in Logic Pro 9

    Please forgive me, I have searched the forum looking for this answer, probably not asking it right but here goes: I have a M-Audio Fast Track C600 with built in DSP. iMac i3 with 12gb ram, 10.7.2. Just started using Logic Pro 9. I am recording an acoustic guitar via Blue Spark mic plugged into...
  15. flyingace

    Help Deciding: Professional DAW or other equipment purchase?

    I just sold $400 worth of guitar gear I haven't really been using on ebay. I got, after all fees and shipping, about $400 from the sales. My choice is to either: Spend $199 (plus tax) for Logic Pro from the mac app store or buy more microphones and studio equipment I'm currently using Garage...