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  1. kojdogg

    Echo Layla 3G

    FS: Echo Layla 3G I don't really use my PC desktop setup anymore (favoring my Mac Mini and PC Vaio Laptop) and that's the only computer I have with PCI connections. These are great units with really good converters (IIRC, similar or the same as the ones used in the initial run of...
  2. kojdogg

    Sansamp Programmable Bass DI

    Haven't been here much lately, but I'm on the good guys list a whole mess of times... I love this and have gotten a lot of good use out of it for recording, but lately have been using my Markbass amp's preamp to track with and I could use the $ for some other needs. This is in excellent...
  3. kojdogg

    Great cheap drums? "SM7 is to mics as X is to drums..."

    The wifey and I are closing on a house in a month (knock on wood), which means that I may finally get to have another drum kit to bang on terribly for my own enjoyment as well as to use for recording more competent drummers occasionally. Can you folks recommend some great bargains in drums...
  4. kojdogg

    Redco 5 pin tube mic cable, WGS BL80 guitar speaker, P-Rail pup

    Redco tube microphone cable - I got this from Redco a little while back for a modded tube mic I had made as a spare. I no longer have that mic but was holding onto the cable as a spare. This configuration-- Mogami tube mic cable, five pin XLR black and gold right angle female end, five pin male...
  5. kojdogg

    Stellar CM-2 Tube Microphone - MOD ME!

    sorry for the separate threads-- I'm looking around and finding things... For sale in excellent condition-- one Stellar CM-2 Tube Microphone. Comes complete with the flight case, shockmount, power supply, windscreen, 7 pin cable and power cable. A little bit of the lettering on the back of the...
  6. kojdogg

    Couple of cheap pedals up for sale

    Line 6 Echo Park in very good condition. $90 shipped to the lower 48. Virtually new Danelectro Wasabi Distortion pedal. $35 shipped to the lower 48 Both for $110 shipped to the lower 48!
  7. kojdogg

    LaChapell 583s, API Lunchbox, Sennheiser MD421U

    Sadly I have to sell a few luxuries that I can't afford to keep around as the wifey and I start house hunting. Probably more coming too First, a gorgeous sounding LaChapell 583s in great shape. It was checked over by Scott a few months ago and given a clean bill of health. It came with a...
  8. kojdogg

    Props to Mike Jasper and "Jon O'Neil" for a nice Naiant X-M review in TapeOp

    Props to Mike Jasper and "Jon O'Neil" for a nice Naiant X-M review in TapeOp Took 'em long enough to find out about Naiants :)
  9. kojdogg

    Post Script for "Dongle Crack for Cubase SX 2"

    OT in the Cubase User Forum here: I'm sorry-- I just had to post some commentary after seeing that thread as I didn't see any commentary on this particular point: not only did the OP use his real name (and is apparently promoting his 'music'...
  10. kojdogg

    How it's Made - Neumann U87ai

    This is pretty cool heh heh: It's cool how they show the capsule backplate being drilled (by machine-- to think it used to be done by obsessive-compulsive German dudes), and the grill cutting/assembly and detail, but funny how they pop the...
  11. kojdogg

    Anyone know what's up with the Stephen Paul Mic?

    I started a thread asking about the Studio Projects CS line and the predictable off topic drift here brought it to the Stephen Paul mic, so I'm starting a thread about the Stephen Paul mic hoping that the predictable off topic drift might bring it back to the Studio Projects CS line, though I'm...
  12. kojdogg

    Anyone know what's up with the Studio Projects CS line?

    ... specifically the CS5. It looks like they started out at around $800 street when the came out, dropped to about $500 and now many retailers are selling the CS5's for $350 or less. I remember seeing this mic praised during a shootout conducted by a moderator of another message board and the...
  13. kojdogg

    FS: Sovtek MIG-50 Head

    Reluctantly for sale a Sovtek MIG-50. I got this a few weeks ago and love it, but I need to scrape some money together for mics for an upcoming project. This was the last amp in so the first one out. Labeled by many as a poor man's JCM800 and Bassman melded together. The amp sounds and works...
  14. kojdogg

    FS: Five Fish SC-1 MK 500 Lunchbox Pre w/ Input Transformer $325 shipped!

    Agh-- I really hate to do this, but I'm trying to quickly scrape together some funds for another purchase. I bought this fully assembled from Five Fish about a month ago. It is the model with the input transformer. It sounds great and only has about an hour of use. Here's a chance to get one...
  15. kojdogg

    FS/FT: Gauge ECM-87 Microphone

    As seen and heard here: Mint condition. Usually runs $170 or so after tax and shipping. I'll sell for $100 shipped to the lower 48 or will trade for something cool-- dynamic mics, group buy tube mics, cool guitar pedals, 12" guitar speakers, etc.
  16. kojdogg

    FS: Audix I-5 in excellent condition

    FS: An Audix I-5 in excellent condition w/ clip and pouch. These are excellent mics, but I'm downsizing to just my SM7 and a Beyerdyamic Soundstar MKII for dynamics. $70 shipped to the US
  17. kojdogg

    FS/FT: Randall RM50 w/ Friedman modded SL+ and BE mod Brahma, Blackface mods

    I love the MTS system, but I'm looking to downsize my rig a bit. I have: A RM50 in Palomino with Black Grill Cloth upgraded with an Eminence Super V Speaker A stock Blackface module A Dave Friedman-modded SL+ module that I got from RD/Steve a little while back A Dave Friedman-modded Brahma...
  18. kojdogg

    FS: Budda Bud Wah

    I have a Budda Bud Wah in excellent shape for sale. I really love this wah and I'm only offering this up to try to get some cash together for something i'm trying to buy. If I sell this in time, I will definitely be replacing it in the future, if not I'll be happy to take it off the market! $115...
  19. kojdogg

    Fellow SM7B/SM7/SM7A users...

    Does your SMeven say "SM7" on the band around the middle or "SM7B"? Most of the stock photos linked to retailers say "SM7", but I've seen a bunch of photos taken by users with pics that say "SM7B". I'm just wondering because I got a good deal on one and it says "SM7" on the middle band.
  20. kojdogg

    I still wouldn't buy one, but this is impressive :D