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  1. einstein magoo

    42low & Silent Members

    Looking at the forum stats there are 164,984 members. Since the inception of the forum there are no doubt a huge number that have drifted off into different hobbies, lost interest, or died. That said, there must still be a very large number of members, many of whom from which we never hear a...
  2. einstein magoo

    New Show us your Kit thread

    What happened to the "Show us your Drums" thread. I was going to resurect it but couldn't find it. Anyway, I finally after months and months took some time to get my room sorted and set the kit back up. Late 70's Pearl Wood & Fiberglas Kit. Really old and nondescript Zildian 20" ride, 14"...
  3. einstein magoo

    Wish me Luck

    Tomorrow is acoustic repair day. A friend told me about a "highly respected" local repair tech that does work for most of the music stores in this area. He has worked on by buddies Martin HD-28 and his Tele to great success. Dude also has a shop at his home so I'm off there early morning with...