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    when I was alive

    When I was alive 06-26 Final Mix When I was alive by Hotel Limbo | Free Listening on SoundCloud 06-21-2020 mix four deleted/space cleanup 06-14-2020 mix one deleted/space cleanup When I was Alive 06-20-2020 mix two deleted/space cleanup This is an old one of mine from the vault my son and...
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    Blue Light - New Track - First Mix

    Hey all, first mix of a new track called Blue Light. Any/all feedback welcome. THANKS BlueLight2.mp3 - Google Drive MIX TWO: 04/19 - bluelight2_m4.mp3 - Google Drive Played with levels, made drum bus with tape sim and compressor and lowered, hi passed all the reverb returns to move mud...
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    White Noise

    Shooting for an old Velvets, Feelies type vibe. Drums and piano are stereo ribbon, panning is however mic was aimed. Google Drive Link whitenoise_10.wav - Google Drive
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    Old country song on piano

    Hi I havent been recording in a long time but tonight I recorded this old country song on piano and vocal. Let me know what you think.
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    Anybody need or want piano on a track....

    Hi All, If the mods think this post is off topic and move please consider I posted it here because it gets the most action and a lot of people I like and know from over the years post original tracks here. I have my new/old Yamaha U3 upright and a good stereo mic and recording setup now but a...
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    My new (old) U3 piano and the recording thereof, part deux

    Continuation of last post on my recently purchased 76 Yamaha U3 upright. Finally got it tuned after about a month to get acclimated to new environment. After some false starts with ground loop/noise issues, noisy power, gain issues, mic problems, boom problems, etc. I am finally up and...
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    Hey all, Super excited. Been looking for a new piano for 2 years, finally found "the one" and pulled the trigger. It's a minty fresh 77 Yamaha U3 (tallest upright they make), plays like butter, sounds like thunder. It's a massive upgrade from my previous P22. Gets delivered tomorrow morning...
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    The lost art of living

    This is a track I've been working on that's been KILLING me. Stylistically I am going for a 60s kind of vibe. I realize the vocal is super wet - that part is intentional, and that my vocal is all over the map and pitchy - so it goes - I've tried about 100 vocal takes of this thing.. I had this...
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    Video for they dont

    Hi, Made this extremely boring video for my track they don't. Like just about all my tracks for the past few years this one went through the clinic. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Chuck
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    Slowly being driven insane by Studio One 3

    This is what I posted on presonus forum. Posting here to see if anyone else has similar experience. Starting to lose it and ready to go back to Cubase. ======================================================================== Background - I have been home recording since 87 and using DAWs since...
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    They Don't

    Haven't recorded a full track in over two years, but as threatened I am back in business. Sold my gear when I left the old house and been Craigslisting my way back to a setup. Now I'm in a new house with a new setup. Recorded this track yesterday. I'm a little shaky from being out of practice...
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    Anyone else using Garritan CFX Concert Grand?

    I'm blown away by the Garritan CFX, anyone else using it? Most of the reviews say something along the lines of this - “The best point of all is that you very quickly forget you are playing a virtual piano as it feels so much like you are playing the genuine article.”, and I actually am finding...
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    Help me put it back together

    Hey all I haven't posted anything but stupid comments in a long, long time cause I've been taking care of a lot of business and family stuff and moving and selling everything to do that. I finally am putting my recording rig back together a bit at a time off the craigslist. I bought a drum...
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    Please to listen to my new track and feedback - 'Facsimiles'

    Stylewise it’s another 80s type of joint with some crampy vocals. My grey roots are seriously showing on this one….. Hadn’t done an electronic number since last year. As I relayed to the Heatmiser - major renovations on the house, my 'studio' is long gone - so I don't have my drums, piano...
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    Latest track - Facsimiles

    My latest track called 'Facsimiles'. First bit of electronic music in a while, and mix is a bit rough due to late night headphones :-) Won't take more than a couple minutes of your time to check it out....
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    Maybe some mix feedback on a track called suprise yourself

    Looking for some feedback on this initial mix. Its an oddball kinda track for me. I used lots of synths and tried for a 'big drum' sound. Other than that it's my usual menagerie of Gretsch, Les, JBass, Guild acoustic, lotsa plate reverb (yeah I know). Used some weird guitar effects. I downloaded...
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    New Hotel Limbo Double Single out on Bandcamp - "Creep Steve'

    Hotel Limbo on Bandcamp New Hotel Limbo Double Single out on Bandcamp - "Creep Steve' Wow has it really been three months since the last double single? The new one is up 'Creep Steve' b/w 'Mechanical Dream', available on Bandcamp at the name your own price including NADA, ZIP, NOTHING. So GO...
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    MXL 880 Mic $175 shipped UPS US

    Hi all. I have an MXL 880 Mic I am selling and thought I would post it here before the other forums in case any themers are looking. Link to specs is below. I liked it, but it is a little to present in the upper mids for my voice. I have original box, mount, paperwork and probably used it about...
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    Yes, it's Country time again..

    This is a cover of an old Ricky Nelson track in my patented goofy faux country style. I could sure use some ears and advice cause it is driving me batty. You guys were a big help with my synth and garage rock crap, so why not country :-) Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions whatever would be most...
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    Cramps for Greg L

    Greg mentioned the Cramps on another thread. Apparently another band we both love, besides the Ramones. Here's a Cramps cover I recorded @ last halloween, in all it's ridiculous suck. GOO GOO MUCK.