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    Multiple Tape Decks and Tracks - mixer connections

    Hi all, I have multiple tape decks: Tascam MS-16, Teac A3440, Ampex 354, and a Tascam 122 MK III cassette. I am looking for the best way to connect all of these to my mixer (Allen & Heath GS-R24M). I have looked online for answers, but few sites had more than one tape deck shown. I have never...
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    Tascam M-520 - RCA shorting pins - SOLVED

    Hi everyone, I see the Tascam M-520 has 4 shorting PINS (not referring to the 2-pin shorting bars) that short out the RCA jack wherever they are inserted. Scanned the manual and many of the online pages here, but I have not found what the designated locations are for inserting them, or if they...
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    Tascam M520 - Have a second meter bridge - How to use

    Hello all, I found a second meter bridge for my Tascam M-520. I was wondering if anyone else had piggybacked a second one onto their unit? I was thinking it would allow better meter monitoring and avoid switching. Thanks! Starliner
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    Tascam M520 PSU Cable - Connectors

    Hello all, Been reading with interest all the Tascam M520 posts, and also the 312B posts. I have a number of various Tascam units. I have a Tascam M520 and the PS-520 power supply. Got this from a friend who closed his studio and moved away, and I do not have the power cable, nor any way to...
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    Manual wanted - Tascam Porta 05

    Hi, Looking for an inexpensive owner's (or maybe a service) manual for a Tascam Porta 05 ministudio. A useable photocopy is fine. Got a used unit from eBay with hidden damage. Got it working (sort of), but not familiar with the unit's functions. Regards, Starliner e-mail...