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    Cab for JCM800, 2x12 or 4x12

    I have a 100 watt JCM 800 (2210) head and I've been playing it out of the speakers in a Fender combo amp. I'm finally about to buy it its own dedicated cabinet and i'm looking at this: before I make the purchase, I just...
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    Single 603 or stereo 603/604

    I'm recording some friends tomorrow and I was wondering if i would be better off using a single MXL 603 for a drum overhead or XY'ing a 603 and a 604... thanks in advance!
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    close-mic'ing bass amp

    I've always DI'd my bass, but i no longer have my direct box. I'm using a Carvin solid state amp (1 15" speaker, not sure about the wattage). My plan is to mix the line out signal (which doesn't sound good enough on its own) with a mic (probably an sm57). I have never done this before, so...