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    Drunk Driver

    Lyrics on the soundcloud page. This is one of the first songs I ever wrote, which was probably a year and a half ago. A friend of mine had just gotten a DUI and I was trying to make him feel better. I'm not sure it helped. I recorded this version a couple months ago in a couple hours and...
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    Zeke cover- first recording in a while

    Hello, friends and well-wishers. I am on a short vacation, and last night after a drinking session at the local scumbag watering hole I touched musical instruments for the first time in a few months. After putting my drums back together and tuning them, I needed a song to record to see where...
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    Jared from Subway

    I never liked Jared from Subway. I never liked the idea of some fat fuck calling up the HQ of some fast food franchise that claims to be heathier than the others and saying, "Hey, I'm a fat fuck. I'm going to lose a shitload of weight and I'm willing to convince morons that eating your food is...
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    We're The Boys! (Blitz)

    I had a heck of a time trying to get my snare to sound half-decent. Once I did I needed a song I could do quickly as a test. The hacked-up Blitz shirt on the floor caught my eye. How about We're The Boys? Sold! Any comments are welcome. Personally I'm thinking that the vocals are too dry...
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    Lights Out! (Angry Samoans cover- for to test my recorded drum sound)

    Hello, friends. I put my drum kit together from scratch last night and played a quick song to see how it sounded when recorded. I picked an Angry Samoans song because many of their songs are less than a minute, and this particular one has a lot of 18" floor tom in it (at least the way I...
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    Picture me rollin'

    Was this funny, or just ironic? And where the hell is Bob Barker? Things I noticed: - A woman bid $497 when the guy preceding her bid $500. Poor strategy. - The girl who tries to screw everyone by bidding $501 is hot. - The wheelchair woman has a pretty face and would probably be hot if...
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    Joe Jackson vs. Bad Religion

    Hello, friends. I'm about to screw around with a couple more songs I did before my temporary recording cessation. I did all the recording and mixing with these with my Tascam DP-24; the remixing I'm about to do will be done in Reaper. Two major differences in the recordings- I recorded "Happy...
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    All The Young Dudes and FREEDOM HAS ITS PRICE covers

    Hello, friends. These are a couple songs I did a month or two ago, some of the last I was able to do before I had to temporarily abandon my instruments and stop recording. While I used my DP-24 for the recording and mixing of these, I have the raw tracks on my computer, and I need something to...
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    Goodbye, mother******s! (and Gary Busey)

    The thread title is an homage to one of the best lines of an excellent movie (Platoon), which happens right after King gets in the helicopter to leave Vietnam for good. Forgive the verbosity of this post. I can't say that it will be worth the time you spend reading it, but what the hey. I'm...
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    DP-24 mastering question- "crossover"

    In the Tascam DP-24's mastering function there is this thing called "crossover" here: It must have something to do with compression. The last time I changed the values was many months ago (just from screwing around with them back then I determined that 315 and 3.17 sounded ok, and I left...
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    Everyone could use some more violence in their lives; that's just common sense. This is a cover of a Blood For Blood song, which is a cover of a song by the British band The Oppressed, whose stuff I never heard before. The song is actually more fun than the title might suggest. I recorded...
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    Hyena cover (Rancid)

    I recorded this last night at the same time I did the Quiet Riot love song, but mixed it just now after looking at the QR feedback. This song here is a little more my normal style. I don't like this mix, but I'm not sure what to change. One thing I know I screwed up is the bass tone... this...
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    Quiet RIOT!

    I saw there is a Quiet Riot documentary playing this month on Showtime, which got me in a QR mood. The first album I ever owned was "Metal Health" at the age of six. This is a cover of the last song on that album, which stuck out like a sore thumb. Back then I would never listen to this song...
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    Devil music!

    This is a cover of Danzig's "Left Hand Black", abridged to suit my attention span. I basically did part of the intro and then the three verses right in a row. In the spirit of all things evil, I used a lot of reverb on the vocal. The high part of the vocal in the chorus ("Challenge the...
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    Misfits- QUEEN WASP

    A couple weeks ago when I knew I had about 45 minutes to play the drums I hit the "record" button and played some Misfits songs, one after the other. I determined which ones they would be in the 4 minutes I was smoking a cigarette beforehand. I looked through the song titles on the mp3 player...
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    I wanna thank you

    I tried doing a little more rockin' version of ZZ Top's "I Thank You" (I understand it's actually an old blues song from the '50s or something, but I never heard the original). Any criticism is welcome, constructive or insulting. I was hoping to get some opinions on the mix, particularly these...
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    DP-24... it has to be said

    The DP-24 has a design flaw. For all intents and purposes, you cannot record in 24-bit with the DP-24. I feel safe saying that at this point.
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    know a good guitar amp for a heavy rock tone?

    I'm tired of having shit guitar tones, I need a new amp; I'd like to cap the spend at $400. I want something that sounds good for heavy rock or metal-type tones. Does anyone have any suggestions based on his experience? No less than 40 watts. If $400 isn't enough, I'd go as high as $550, but...
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    Pick your poison!

    I've had much of the week off and not much to do, so I cranked out a few songs. Having a lot of time on my hands doesn't equal me magically acquiring an attention span, though, so I was not any more meticulous than usual. I'm getting better, though. Don't listen to both, I don't want to take...
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    Too much reverb? Too loud?

    Thanks Chili and Gecko for answering my question. I'm yanking the link now.