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    what else do you use with sonar ?

    do you use any other programs with sonar? either to supplement its capabilities eg orchestra samples or notation/scorewriter or utilities/special programs so as to do something faster better easier ?
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    how good can you diy a mike ?

    Chinese and other countries make cheap mikes. The question is: Can you make a mike as good as them yourself? If so, could you save any money? I am sure you could get the features you want if you did this. EG found a circuit for an MS stereo mike using 3 mike capsules. Unless the quality of...
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    where do these programs fit in ?

    looking through my old wishlist files i found a lot of these sony programs from back when they were about the only choice. but things change. there are a lot of other programs to choose from now. so my question is -- if i had sonar and finale what would soundforge, or cd architect, or the...