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  1. JCH

    Submit a song Win $25K

    This was in my email today. Get Out of the Garage | How it Works
  2. JCH

    less paul

    Robbed! I can't believe it. I lost my Studio LP with a patent label pickup and a seth in it. The computer that ran my home entertainment ctr, and the one with my DAW on it, and the portable hard drive that had all of my archived tracks, backing tracks, 15 years of digital pictures, and who knows...
  3. JCH

    Get well Bobby

    Wow, I hope it's not too serious. Bob Weir Cancels All Upcoming RatDog Performances Through 2015 | Rolling Stone
  4. JCH

    Condom ad from Oz

    Four Seasons Condoms: #GetNAKED | Ads of the World
  5. JCH

    RIP Mr Padre

    He was pure class on and off the field. I met him a few times. Once was at an autograph/meet-n-greet event. When we reached our turn at the front of the line, my five year old son exclaimed "You're #19" Gwynn flashed the smile he was famous for, and asked "Do you go to games?" He held up the...
  6. JCH

    Used gear for sale

    Some serious collector stuff here. The estimated values seem ridiculous on most of them. The Artistry of the Guitar - Day 1 - Guernsey's
  7. JCH

    R.I.P. Kazuo Yairi

    A master has passed away. Kazuo Yairi, 81; guitar maker favored by McCartney -
  8. JCH

    A Rare Guitar

    A collector friend brought this Fender Electric XII by today. I think it's a '66 The case was marked Baja Marimba Band. I remembered them from when I was a kid so I did a you tube search. I found several videos from variety shows where they appeared. It's easy to spot this guitar in many of...
  9. JCH

    Dick Dale Tonight

    I'm pumped! Haven't seen a show in weeks. Tickets for Dick Dale with The Delta Bombers / The Lucky Cheats | Hard Rock Live Las Vegas at TicketWeb
  10. JCH

    Twenty years ago..

    We lost Frank.
  11. JCH

    Acoustic Neck Surgery

    I bought a broken acoustic in need of a neck reset. I've been wanting to learn more about this type of repair. It's a crappy guitar, but kind of cool anyway. Fifteen inch lower bout, with a cutaway. The size is very similar to my OOO. The neck came off without much work. The joint was sloppy...
  12. JCH

    Write-up in local fanzine

    My Daughters Band The Seriouslys | Vegas Seven
  13. JCH

    Historic Recordings

    This is pretty cool. Museum of London - Earliest Christmas recording
  14. JCH

    Homebrew pickup winder

    I looked at quite a few different winder designs before I built this one. It's was my first attempt at one of these. The mainshaft is driven by a roller on to the 5" wheel on the right side (when viewed from the front), which in turn drives the other 5" wheel at a 10/1 ratio to the mainshaft for...
  15. JCH

    I'm building a new guitar

    I'm building this guitar almost entirely out of stuff I have on hand. I started a few days ago, but stopped because my band saw was dull. I finally got some new blades today and made good progress. The body is made from some poplar that was left over from a stairway that I built. The neck is...
  16. JCH


    Who here rides? I've ridden, and raced dirtbikes for over forty years. Just curious if anyone else shares my addiction. Yesterday, Southern Utah, Western slopes. my son on his KX500, That bike is one BAMF
  17. JCH

    "What's that board in the corner?"

    That was the question I heard while I had the seven foot long piece of mahogany standing in the corner of my guitar room for several weeks while it acclimated. "A guitar!" I would answer to sometimes bewildered faces. I've been working on this for about four weeks now...
  18. JCH

    Epi Dot Studio upgraded

    I have had this guitar for a while, but finally got around to winding a set of pickups for it. I thought the original black hardware would look shitty with the nickel pickup covers so I switched it all to chrome, and added a les paul style pickguard. I also polished the uglier than hell finish...
  19. JCH

    Super Reverb Re-Do

    A while back, I picked up this severely molested '66 Super Reverb Amp. The original cabinet was long gone, along with the speakers. The internals were also heavily modded. Among other things, the PT had been switched to one from a Twin Reverb. It didn't take much work to get it working pretty...
  20. JCH

    R.I.P. Gary Moore

    A sad day.