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  1. Treeline

    Rest in Peace Tom (fmmahoganyrush) Neville

    Sad news about one of the Jamfest greats of all time. Tom Neville has died at his apartment in New Hampshire. We have no further details, although I expect they will come out in the next few days. Tom and Kathy were gracious hosts for a number of years early in Jamfest history at their home...
  2. Treeline

    Anyone here building acoustic guitars?

    I'm sortakinda lunging ahead with a project. I've been collecting guitar wood for half my lifetime and have a decent stash for a guy who doesn't make a living driving splinters into his hands. I have a '59 Gibson LG2 that, while it has some major issues, has always been a really sweet guitar. It...
  3. Treeline

    Well, It's Been a Few Years

    . . . . Think there'd be any interest for another this summer? Have to track ppl down, but that can be done. Just sayin
  4. Treeline

    A Soundcloud Group for Getuhgrip

    I'm putting a place together where folks can upload tunes for Getuhgrip. The idea is for the place to be sort of a musical get well card; when he listens to the stream he will be hearing stuff that people uploaded specifically so he would hear it. It's a practical way to let him know his friends...
  5. Treeline

    Anyone Using the AKAI DPS multitrack system?

    Inquiring minds are curious. I still have my DPS16. The I/O is dreadful but the preamps are fine, fine, fine. So - anyone else still using the DPS16 or the DPS24(drool)?
  6. Treeline

    Getuhgrip Update - HR Long Time member and his family could use his HR friends right

    OK Listen up! A beloved and long time HR member has encountered some serious medical issues that started with an unexpected brain aneurysm and then proceeded to get much worse. Getuhgrip has been in a coma for about a month, but has very recently emerged and, I'm told, appears to be...
  7. Treeline

    USB / IDE conversion

    Here's an oddball question for you. I didn't find a discussion using the search function. Maybe that's ominous... I have an old AKAI DPS16 multitrack recorder that keeps on trucking - it was a phenomenal machine in its day, but came out just before the widespread acceptance of USB connectors...
  8. Treeline

    Selling the family home...

    My father bought the place in 1940. Built in 1795, went through a fire and the original brick federal building survived but the timber ell and barns went up in smoke, about 1938. Over the next sixty years he rebuilt the place and raised five kids there, the youngest of which was me. One...
  9. Treeline

    Another a cappella cover - Sara Bareilles BOTTLE IT UP

    Same recording session as the last a cappella - 15 college kids including my own, live recording... Lemme know yer thoughts - thx! G.
  10. Treeline

    The Chiffons - ONE FINE DAY a cappella

    Here's something I'm working on for my daughter's a cappella vocal group - a cover of the Chiffons One Fine Day. I had a hell of a rumble from the building HVAC systems that I couldn't get out for a long time... this is about as good as I've been able to get it so far. Lemme know yer thoughts...
  11. Treeline

    Live 24 / 7 Eagle Nest with pair and younguns

    Check this out: the cam is on 24/7. Quite a story; chicks were born in early April. Hungry little guys. Must be cold up there; about 80 feet up. You have to suffer through an ad, but then the live video kicks in.
  12. Treeline

    39 Members and 427 Guests... profitable ratio?

    Wonder how that happened. Lessee... almost no returning members and lots of looksees. Gee whiz, that must be profitable as hell. More fun than a toothache.
  13. Treeline

    Not worth the effort.

    It's sad, but True and Chater-La seem to be content to let this community die on the vine. Why not simply be honest and close the whole site?
  14. Treeline

    Prime Time is now the New Feedback Forum

    Since the original feedback forum is shut down to all except "approved" threads, it serves no purpose whatever. I hereby declare Prime Time as the New Feedback Forum.
  15. Treeline

    Yo Dobro -

    Any idea how to get a Behringer control unit working with AA 3.0? I have a BCF2000 that will not play well with it. Works fine with Reaper, but Adobe hasn't been exactly responsive in the control unit driver department.
  16. Treeline

    patch for a behringer B-Control?

    I have a B-control unit (BCF2000) that works great with Reaper. I also use AA3 for post-tweaking and so forth and have been frustrated trying to get the control unit working with this program. I end up setting everything to a Mackie universal or some other standard but it seems as if the program...
  17. Treeline

    AKAI users - DPS16 and DPS24

    Who's using these units? I have a DPS16 that gets used all the time (along with my ASUS PC setup) and am thinking of picking up an older DPS24. I have yet to see a dedicated unit that even approaches these for quality, design and sound. Nobody is making this stuff at all, unless you get into the...
  18. Treeline

    Tommy Emmanuel

    WOW. Just saw him in concert in Burlington. What an amazing performance!
  19. Treeline

    Kinda cool...

    Me band's been picked up for a State tourism thingie. :)
  20. Treeline

    Fender Passport PD250 Plus

    Any experience out there?