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    Embryo/Children of The Grave (Black Sabbath Cover)

    Instrumental, with a synth replicating the vocal melody. I certainly wasn’t going to inflict my vocals on you guys.
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    Alternatives to These Waves Plugins

    Hey guys. I’ve been using Waves plugins almost exclusively for a few years, but I’m now looking to migrate away from their ecosystem for reasons I don’t want to get into or make the focus of this thread. I have achieved good mixing results with the following plugins, which are a huge part of my...
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    AV65 Jaguar Neck Pocket Angle?

    Wondering if anyone here knows the exact neck pocket angle of the AV65 Jag?
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    Spaceman's Highway (29 Million Miles)

    Weird mish mash of ambient, psychedelia, electro, prog, rock, metal, and even a few bars of funk! Let me know what you guys think.
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    Mixing motorhead

    Is anybody able to offer an analysis on how the early motorhead records were mixed? With Lemmy’s bass taking up a lot of midrange how is space carved out for the guitars and vocals? The following is a typical example of their early sound. EDIT: My own recording/mix :
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    Mixing drum mics

    Hey guys, I’m doing a mix challenge for a rock track containing stems for the drum mics, of which there are many .... Ambience, OH, Front Center, Front L+R, Rear Wide, Rear High and Wide etc. As someone used to EZ Drummer, this is a little overwhelming to me lol. How should I approach mixing...
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    Jesus Stole My Corvette (Surf)

    Venturing into the world of surf. Lofi, but hopefully not crap-fi? would love to know what you guys think. REMIXED:
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    Best Reamp Boxes?

    I need a REAMP box for sending DAW tracks out through fx pedals designed for instrument level, then back again. IOW I’m looking to use pedals as outboard fx in a hybrid setup. IYO what are the best Reamp boxes? Other than the radial x-amp (or anything by radial for that matter), which apparently...
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    Arctic Summer - Rock/Ambient - Thoughts on this mix?

    Would appreciate some feedback on this mix...
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    Layering (stacking) Guitar Parts

    When discussing guitar layering, a common method often suggested is panning guitars opposite each other, either hard-panned, or 50-50. You seldom hear about guitar parts stacked directly on top of each other to alter their character. I'm thinking of trying this out for my next session. Does...
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    Preamp/Torpedo in Fx Loop

    Guys, I’m looking for advice on how to best incorporate a Kingsley preamp (Juggler) into my fx loop, along with a torpedo cab (Juggler > TC. What is the difference between connecting to the send or return, and what is recommended? Edit: ok, I’ve looked into this, and assuming I’ve understood...
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    Fender Classic Player Jaguar

    What do you guys think of this guitar? I’m looking for a new “number one” that’s easier to play than my John Mayer 2011 strat. While it sounds great, my small hands have a tough time playing chords towards the nut. I play mostly psychedelic, surf and shoegaze so the trem arm gets used a lot. I...
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    Infinity In The Palm of Your Hands

    Infinity In The Palm of Your Hands An ambient and rock fusion. Let me know what you guys think :)
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    Light In Your Heart (Reggae, Dub)

    My attempt at Reggae (Dub). Let me know your thoughts edit REMIXED
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    Message on A Wave (Synthwave, Ambient)

    Hey guys, I wanted you opinion on this synth piece I created - the aim was to have a repetitive background motif with a bunch of stuff slowly weaving in and out over the top of it. I chose to mainly focus on using just the one synth for this - Arturia's CMI V, though I also used a guitar + drum...
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    ‘The Chase’. Feedback?

    The Chase by FC1985 | Free Listening on SoundCloud Something with a movie soundtrack feel.. featuring fuzzed our guitars, Dhol drums and orchestral elements. Thoughts?
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    El Bandito (Trashy Grindhouse Rock)

    What’s up fine gents of the MP3 mixing clinic, here’s a rock track for you, inspired by the old low budget grindhouse flicks of the spaghetti western genre, with a slight modern twist. Feedback welcome. REVISED EL BANDITO
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    Analysing the guitars in this soundtrack

    Does anyone know what's happening with the guitars on this track, specifically from 53 secs onwards? I'm trying to figure out if they're double tracked, or if a reverb/delay of the original left side guitar is simply panned to the right. I know at 1:30 they're definitely DT'd as they sound a lot...
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    Toontrack EZX Recommendation

    What is their most versatile kit? I’m looking for one that is quite dynamic in its range – i.e. that can go from soft to loud. I am working mainly with psychedelic blues / stoner rock, which features loud and aggressive passages interspersed by more laid back Floydian grooves. I can already...
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    Aphrodite's Children (Ethnic, Upbeat)

    Hey guys, i'm open to some critique on this upbeat, ethnic flavoured number I put together this week. APHRODITE'S CHILDREN