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    Can I do this with 2 powered monitors in my home studio.

    I have the 8" version of the monitor below. Cannot afford another one but could the 5". Is this a complete no no? I don't use the monitors for micing when I record my guitar to backing tracks for soundcloud or youtube. I mic my guitar amp cab. I'm Using them only to know what my recordings will...
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    Are monitors a requirement?

    When I purchased everything for my simple home recording setup I bought a monitor. All I am doing is recording myself playing electric guitar along with backing tracks to put on soundcloud or youtube. I have not used the monitor yet so kinda confused as to why I bought it now. When I playback...
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    I keep getting automatically logged out.

    I cannot hardly complete a new thread before I get automatically logged out. Is there a setting to keep logged in? I did see that while writing it occasionally autosaves the content so I assume it can always be retrieved which is good.