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    Looking for live band/ show multitracks

    Does anyone have have any multitracks or links of either live shows or live room recordings? Looking to get some practice mixing something a bit different. Thanks in advance
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    Pop punk full mix. What's next?

    Not my recording but I've been practicing my mixing on some multitracks for this pop punky song. Looking for any feedback, criticism or tips on how to move this mix up in quality. (be as harsh as you like). any pointers or question, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.
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    Metal mix practice

    Only recently moved from live engineering to learning to mix. this is my practice from some free multitracks so its not my recording. Only thing to note with them was that the overheads were basically all hi hat. Think I need to bring down the vocals a bit and smooth them and the overheads out...
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    Off grid studio

    Currently just a thought experiment but do you guys think it would be possible to run a small studio totally off self supplied energy? (wind and solar, UK based). My girlfriend and I are looking to move off grid in the next couple years, building our own house and I've been teasing the idea of...