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    Bypassing pre-amps in audio interface

    If one has a good quality pre-amp and bypasses the built-in pre-amps in the interface - does it matter if the interface is high-end (expensive) or will a cheaper one do the same job providing its pre-amps are not being used? Cheers, F.
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    Adding MOTU Pre 8 to rack

    Having been badly stung (scammed) by an online fraudster to whom I paid £1,050.00 for an RME UFX (police are now on the case), I still need to add a new USB audio interface to my rack. (I sold my Focusrite 18i8 to fund the RME). Anyway, enough of the sad stories! I am now looking at the much...
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    A/D converter in a preamp

    I've just been browsing some decent preamps and I notice that some have an A/D converter and some don't. When does one need a converter? Does it depend on the kind of music you record - or must you always have an A/D converter? Thanks :)
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    The path from microphone to DAW ?

    I've been buying, selling and adding to my rack in the past few weeks and am not sure if this path is correct for vocals - please advise, thanks. Mic >>> preamp >>> compressor >>> reverb >>> audio interface >>> DAW Is it better to use short patch cables to link? Cheers
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    Conversion Confusion!

    Hi all, Can someone shed some light on this feature in the dbx386 preamp - "The 376 uses the proprietary Dbx Type IV A-D conversion system, which is designed to extend the headroom for any given digital bit-depth by introducing a non-linear region that affects only high-level signals. In this...
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    Clean, uncoloured preamp question ?

    I'm spending some money on a preamp and I have some basic questions about the different features which are confusing me. I'm looking for a clean sound with little or no colour - just boost. The mics will do the work (and the singers!). There's tube or solid-state. There's with and without A/D...
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    Finally - upgrading preamp

    Hi everyone, I'm finally in a position to upgrade my microphone preamp but I'm finding it difficult to make a decision on what's available within my budget. I'm using a Neumann 103 and a Rode NT1 and an RME Fireface UCX interface. I'm looking for a warm, punchy, almost vintage vocal sound. This...
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    Assigning samples to Akai LPD8 pads?

    I took delivery of an AKAI LPD8 Pad Controller today and I haven't the foggiest clue how to assign a drum sample to each pad. Plugged USB in (it lights) and installed the editor. And I'm stuck. I'm using Sonar 8.5 Producer and I have hundreds of samples in Session Drummer 3 but not being very...
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    Mackie Controller with Sonar Producer 8.5

    Hi all, I have a choice between a new Mackie Control Universal Pro* at EUR 1,200 or a used Mackie Universal Controller eMagic** for EUR 400. Naturally, the used one seems more attractive but can anyone advise if it will integrate as well with Sonar 8.5 as the newer model will? Many thanks for...
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    Online Training

    Hello all, I’ve decided that I need some serious training and as there is no college nearby offering courses, I’ve short-listed these online courses. I would be grateful if any of you have taken any of these course or if one stands out as being better for a self-taught ‘engineer’ than others...
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    Controller or Digital Mixer?

    Hello all, I have a dilemma which is causing me sleepless nights! My DAW software is Sonar Producer 8.5 and I'm treating myself to some new hardware. Up to now I'm using a Cakewalk UA-25EX and control everything with my mouse. I need to choose between a control console (Cakewalk V-700) and a...
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    Starting off . . .

    Hello everyone, Recently retired and with a basic knowledge of home recording, I am trying to decide between the following - and failing miserably! I would be very grateful if, from your fountain of knowledge, you might point out to me which one of the following should work best for me and...
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    Mixing desk to use with Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL

    I finally invested in a Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL. I would like to use a 12+ channel mixing desk (with faders) with this USB 2.0 recording interface and I need to know (a) is there a specific kind of mixer I need to buy? (b) how should I connect the mixer up to the Audiobox? Thanks ;)
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    Studio monitor(s) not accurate

    I just mixed an album using my Behringer M40 nearfield monitors and I'm not happy with the results. I know I should have used headphones for a final mix but by mistakes we learn (and I'm lazy!). While sounding almost perfect on the M40s, the CD sounds tinny with way too much top and possibly not...
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    €999 to spend on an all-round condenser microphone . . . .

    I know, I know, don't shout at me! Every mic is different, a mic is only as good as the person using and the pre-amps . . . but . . . I have 999 euro to spend on a good, all-round vocal condenser microphone for my small studio. I record mainly folk, standards and country singers. I have...
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    CD Architect will not burn my red book master!

    Help! I am/was almost there. Mixed, mastered 17 tracks, named all tracks, typed in ISRC codes, triple-checked everything, inserted a blank disc, pressed BURN CD and . . . . scanning for CD drives . . . none found. :mad: Tried on two different PCs - same result. CD Architect simply will not...
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    Connecting mixer with interface ?

    I'm moving on from a simple two-channel USB interface (UA25-EX) and investing in a mixer with 8 XLR inputs and a separate USB 2.0 audio interface, also with 8 XLRs. Now, here's my idiot-problem :rolleyes: How do I link them up? Must I connect each channel (in use) from mixer to interface with...
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    Firewire or USB?

    I have been using a Roland UA-25EX USB interface for some time and am now considering changing to a Firewire interface. As my laptop only has a 4-pin firewire port, will it be possible to connect with a 6 to 4 adaptor or will this result in a loss of speed and an increase in latency? Must I...