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    Wireless Mic solutions to the 600mhz auction (and future ones) in the US

    I run sound at a church and do some events that use a couple wireless mics all in the 500mhz and 600mhz frequency bands. We dodged the previous auction but the 600mhz band is the one we use with our Audio Technica ATW-somethingsomething wireless mics. I was wondering what the future of...
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    recommed a midi controller!

    I'm in the market for a used midi keyboard controller in the $300 range... any ideas of specific models I should look at? I'd preferr weighted keys... the sounds on the keyboard itself don't matter as it'll just be controlling software... I'm a drummer and know little of these things...
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    need help choosing RME/lightpipe stuff

    I'm working on putting together an RME system (Hammerfall DSP 9632 or 9652) but I am fairly unfamiliar with ADAT stuff. I previously used an aardvark Q10 in XP but have moved to Linux for various reasons. My budget is pretty tight so I am pretty much just looking for a digital mixer or preamp...
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    cable failed building inspection

    I ran about 2000ft of 22/2 CM/CL2 cable for mics in conduit through a concrete floor and it failed the electrical inspection. Apparently he is interpreting the floor as outside because otherwise CM rated cable should work. whats the rating for indoor/outdoor undrrground conduit rated mic...
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    Indie Movie - Music Needed

    HI everyone! We have just about 4 weeks left of shooting the indie movie I've been working on since last July... Before we start post-production we are looking for as much music as possible. Being that our production budget for our feature length DV(25) movie is about $7500 we arn't able to...
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    Aardvark Support Group

    Well considering this actually might be news worthy in certain circles I made a press release :) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AARDVARK SUPPORT GROUP GOES LIVE - ASG.HOPTO.ORG New Albany, Ohio December 22, 2004 - Noticing that Aardvark, the makers of the Direct Pro Q10, low jitter word clocks, and...
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    new to analog

    I've been doing digital recording for a few years now but I've been picked up as the technical director for a microbudget indie "made for TV" movie ...and the only audio guy.... and I'm thinking of going analog for dialoge. I can't haul around my PC to the 14 location :S and my only other toy...
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    odd Sonar vs Q10 problem

    I've been useing a Q10 or about 2 years... I havn't recorded for a few weeks though... today I noticed a problem I havn't had. Channel 1 does not input into sonar anymore though it shows up and all the other channels input as different channels... So Q10 channel 1 doesn't come in at all and Q10...
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    odd SONAR problem with Q10

    I've had an Aardvark Q10 on my system for just over a year and it was working fine...until this week... Now SONAR usually doesn't recognise it... however the card is still working with other sound producing programs...and if I reboot a few times it might load up and SONAR will work fine.... XP...
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    print out blank sheet music?

    ...anyway to get SONAR 2.2 XL to print out blank sheet music?
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    room dimensions

    I am building an outdoor "iso shed" :) and am trying to come up with dimensions for it... suggests "5’x6’ and have a ceiling 9’ high" however I need to fit a large drumset inside. could I tilt this room on it's side so it's 5'x9' and 6' tall? But then 6' tall is too short for...
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    looking for informaton on Fender 300 Bass

    I'm trying to find any information at all on this 600w bass amp I have. black faceplate says: Fender 300 Bass CBS serial number is P009527 rack mountable and looks like it would take 2 3 inches tall? has 4 band tone control, effects send, 3 band parametric EQ, and a...
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    FAT or NTFS?

    which is better (speed wise) for audio recording?
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    Q10 Pro vs Q10

    whats the difference between the Aardvark Q10 and Q10 pro? besides $100
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    I was wonering if anyone knew of any store chains that will put CD's up on co-signment? I know many ma' and pa' stores will but they are few and far between. or stores that make a regular habit of working with indie bands. even if you have to rent floor space. no online stuff