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  1. gullfo

    Help with new studio room

    you might just build window plugs and seal up the doors really well plus perhaps add some mass to them (MDF panels). then again, it may require more so perhaps 2x3 frames set in 1" from the walls with 2X 5/8" drywall. drums on a damped membrane riser, same for amps. maybe a second set of doors...
  2. gullfo

    patch panel question

    I was cruising through some computer site that had CAT5 patch panels for pretty cheap and thought why couldn't you use CAT5 patch panels instead of 1/4" patch panels for audio? CAT5 is twisted pair (or shielded even) designed for 100mhz signals. just curious... if the back end was all soldered...
  3. gullfo

    DPA microphones?

    anyone using one? in any event, they're site is actually pretty informative on many aspects of microphone use and they're fairly classy on integrating it with their catalog... just curious if anyone was using them - the specs looks decent.... just sent away for their price list...
  4. gullfo

    Where to order short low Z patch

    I'm wiring all my rack equipment using low Z/XLR connections and was wondering if anyone new where to get 3-5' low Z patch cables with XLR connectors. In addition, anyone have any experience with a particular brand of cable used for this purpose? any input is appreciated.