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  1. Trichter

    Matchering: automated song mastering

    Hey, lately I came across an interesting project called "matchering". It is a python library, that extracts RMS, frequency spectrum etc from a reference file and masters a given target file to match the characteristics of the reference. It works for me out...
  2. Trichter

    Instrumental Composition

    Hi, as a result of (by now more than one year) of home-office I started playing on the guitar again. Here is an instrumental track I've composed in the G phrygian mode. I'd be happy to receive some feedback. Bass and drums come out of a Digitech band creator. Guitar is an Ibanez RGA32 mol...
  3. Trichter

    Legal question: upload of covers/improvisations on soundcloud

    Hi, I have a question regarding the upload of songs to soundcloud and possible legal problems. Recently I recorded some music including jazz standards like Autumn Leaves or the Prelude in D by Bach. There are many uploads of these particular songs on soundcloud already, so I guess there won't be...