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  1. Washburn100

    Masters of There Day

    Not sure where to put this so mod feel free to move it. Got an e-mail from Benchmark that was way cool. Not trying to push Benchmark, but they have 3 videos out of 3 different groups in the studio. 10 minute HD productions showing tracking and final product from their recording session. Great...
  2. Washburn100

    Alesis AM2 and CAD CM217

    I recently picked up a pair of mic's, Alesis AM2 pencil condenser mics. They are working very well for X-Y micing my acoustic. I was browsing through Musiciansfriend and came across these CAD CM217 mic's. They sure look a lot alike...
  3. Washburn100

    CAD Equitek E-200

    I have an opportunity to pick this mic up used for $140. Anyone have any experience with it, opionions, sound like a good deal? Thanks
  4. Washburn100

    Anybody use Whotune?

    Not sure where to put this thread. I read about this site in Recording Magazine. I browsed through it and it seems interesting. I'm currently using Soundclick, but I was curious if others use it and their feedback. I searched the forums, but nothing came back. The url is:
  5. Washburn100

    Presonus Studio One

    Anybody using this DAW. I would like to hear feedback. It looks interesting. Thanks