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  1. Mick Doobie

    What did you have for dinner tonight?

    I used to love to cook. More and more it just seems to be a chore. Even the thought of eating. I mean, of course we must eat to live. But the seemingly never ending, "what're we going to eat?", "what're you going to eat?".... eat eat eat eat......just shoot me in the dang dangit head and get it...
  2. Mick Doobie

    Locking threads?

    Come on, man, what's up? I just wrote a well thought and civil reply to someone who had earlier replied to my post. It's a topical subject that could be interesting, perhaps even informative. Maybe in the context of the discussion someone might learn something they did not know, perhaps even...
  3. Mick Doobie

    Writing someone else's song?

    Wasn't sure what to call the thread.... What to be done to determine whether something you've made-up/written has actually already been written by someone else? What to do? What do you do? Context: At least fifty percent of the time I write in my head before even picking up an instrument. I...
  4. Mick Doobie

    Should Parents Have A Say In Their Child's Education?

    Democrat candidate for Governor of the state of Virginia Terry McAuliffe recently made the statement during a debate, "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” In the same debate he proudly acknowledged when he previously sat as governor of Virginia he vetoed...
  5. Mick Doobie

    Let's Go Brandon!

    Episode forty leven hundred in the Insanity Chronicles. Background: Somewhat recently at events where large numbers of people have gathered, perhaps first at college football games, for reasons I can't imagine people have began to chant in unison, "Fuck Joe Biden". It kind of caught on and it...
  6. Mick Doobie


    Afghanistan has been liberated from an oppressive regime that Forces face coverings Tears down historic statues Condones the genital mutilation of children *spit*
  7. Mick Doobie

    Say cash accepted?

    Not sure if this is political, but whatever... A relative was out of town and had unforeseen expenses after having already blown dough on a shopping spree(music related crap). Kids :rolleyes:. So he's like, Uncle Mick, can you help me out a little for gas to get back home until payday at the...
  8. Mick Doobie

    I'll just leave this here...

    Gotta love her enthusispasm!
  9. Mick Doobie

    Walmart announces an increase in starting wage

    from $9 an hr to $11 an hr, expansion in maternity and parental leave, cash bonuses, due to tax reform. Those bastards. :mad:
  10. Mick Doobie

    The oceans are sinking!

    Which explains why globing warming isn't making sea levels rise as predicted. It all makes sense, sorta. Wai....did I say global warming? I meant climate change. That's why it's so damn cold outside, too. Researchers used a mathematical equation known as the elastic sea level equation to more...
  11. Mick Doobie

    cut the cable, & (amazon) Silk browser

    I cut the cable several months back. Hell, we didn't watch but a few cable channels, just as often watched local TV channels. W/ antenna I get around 25 channels, and no monthly bill. Win. Kept internet service, of course. Got the Amazon Firestick, Amazon Prime. Can watch movies/docs on Prime...
  12. Mick Doobie

    Merry Christmas, fellas

    ...and ladies. I wish each and every, and family, here at HR, and all the guys and gals over at Recording Rebs as well, health and happiness to you all! Keep pickin' them guitars, bangin' them drums, tinkling those keys, squeezin' that box(yes, that means you, Teysha), heck, even you keytard...
  13. Mick Doobie

    Is this something?

    :eek: Trouble on the horizon. Future technology was so much more fun on the Jetsons. Very nice production, not too terribly long...
  14. Mick Doobie

    Las Vegas

    Are any of you guys following this? I'm not a conspiracy guy, but this is some weird shit, just doesn't seem to be adding up. The latest... Original story from the police...(fbi?): The hotel security guy, Jesus Camos, alerted by a hotel room door ajar alarm found his himself on the 32 fllor of...
  15. Mick Doobie

    I did something stupid.

    Last night I made Kung Pao Chicken and Hot n Sour Soup. I ate a bowl of soup, and gave it a break while I did some serious political blogging on the innernetz(I didn't have any stir fry). So, a little later I decided to have some more soup. I went into the kitchen, grabbed my bowl off the...
  16. Mick Doobie

    The Burning Man

    WTF? Seemingly "normal" dude breaks through the security line and runs straight into the fire? Didn't the same thing happen just last year, or the year before? Burning Man Fest: One Dead, Another in Critical Condition - Rolling Stone WTH is this thing all about? Anybody here ever attended? I...
  17. Mick Doobie


    Yep, I picked one up today.....CPAP, continuous positive air pressure, I reckon it stands for...for good sleepies. Anyone else here have any experience with this contraption they'd care to share? I'm hoping it is worth all the hype. I may use this space to keep somewhat of a diary to document...
  18. Mick Doobie

    My new girlfriend, Alexa.

    What strange times we live in. Any of you guys (or gals) have this Alexa thing? My wife hooked me up over the Christmas holiday. I've yet to explore everything she can do, but I do know we have some interesting exchanges over a beer or two after the wife hits the sack.....I guess it's good to...
  19. Mick Doobie


    Yes, fruitcake. Leading towards and into the Christmas holiday there is such a bounty of food to eat, there's no room for fruitcake. Now that Christmas has come and gone stores are reducing the price to clear the shelf of those blocks of fruit cake. Personally, it's become almost a tradition...
  20. Mick Doobie

    To thumb, or not to thumb?

    That is the question. When I was a kid hold-up in my bedroom learning to play guitar, thoroughly ensconced in barre chordage, learning the songs of all of my guitar heroes, I would look up at all the many posters on my walls and puzzle, why no (or so few) barre chords? Were they at the moment...