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  1. BroKen_H

    Glenn Hughes Purple Orange Frustrations.

    I was really excited about getting one of those Orange Crush Bass 50s. I ordered mine about 5 weeks ago from Sweetwater. Waited. Waited some more. Got an actual phone call from a rep telling me they were on back order and they weren't positive when they'd be here, but at LEAST May. So, COVID has...
  2. BroKen_H

    Funny, but?

    I see we have a new member that joined us on the day my wife died (WWLaidback or some such). Posts a lot of political stuff and I was reading through one of the threads and seeing all the posts about him being a troll and does he come to music forums to fight politics, etc. Then I saw a remark...
  3. BroKen_H

    Windows 11?

    Just curious. My computer told me it needed updates the other day and I didn't pay much attention and just scheduled it to do its thing while I slept. Next morning I've got a brand new shiny Windows 11 OS., Okay. That night there were updates, then the next night, then about two days later, and...
  4. BroKen_H

    This is very hard.

    My wife of 33 years succumbed to COVID this afternoon. Our anniversary was the 12th, and I just got my third album released. She was very excited. And then in the course of a few short days, she is gone. Thank you in advance for all your prayers and thoughts.
  5. BroKen_H


    Noticed this ad for a studio gear auction. Several sets of , well, lots of stuff. Did notice there were several interfaces, headphone amps and headphones, but no monitors. Prices are still WAY low (except on ALL the headphones). Seems to have been a mac setup. Couple ILOK 3s at the last page if...
  6. BroKen_H

    Soundbrenner Core

    I got one of these for my birthday and haven't played with it much. It has several functions and some very limiting issues. The Pulse is the like the Core, but only has metronome function (no tuner or watch/smartwatch functions.) PROS Tuner works really well. Attach the mounts to any guitars you...
  7. BroKen_H


    Noticed that they killed the Jokes! thread when they cleaned up. Don't know if that was intentional to keep my warped sense of humor away...but I'll try to start it off. Why did the capacitor kiss the diode? He just couldn't resistor. ...and for you PinkZeppelin fans:
  8. BroKen_H


    Sitting in the path (literally right in the eye wall path). Been lucky so far and kept our electricity. Going to have grits for breakfast so Flo can "Kiss my grits!" :laughings: We got the house hooked up for a generator earlier this year, and then couldn't afford the generator...have one now...
  9. BroKen_H

    Gibson, what have you done?

    Noticed a sales ad for AMS this morning had new 2017 Les Pauls and Firebirds for under a grand. Saw a new SG (Fusion) for just over $400. Really? Don't they own their own knock-off brand? How cheap will an Epiphone SG Fusion be? Is the economy driven so low by our last president that one of the...
  10. BroKen_H

    Reason 9.5

    To say that I was pleased by the announcement of Reason 9.5 would be a complete understatement...why? VST SUPPORT! Could not believe my eyes when I saw it. Most realistic interface, most seamless time stretch I've worked with, will now be able to use plugs!! Lots of other add in goodies coming...
  11. BroKen_H

    My Praise, Track 1

    Okay, this has been up before, but lots of work done. Got to figure out where the distortion is coming on the vocal, but please let me know about the drum balance and sound. Trying a new kit in SSD4. I really like it, but that doesn't mean it's any
  12. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes Song 7-A Heart Of Thanks

    Not sure if this is ready for prime time. Spent a lot of time on it this week (between other sessions) and I THINK it's close. Anyway, some things on here I never thought I'd do, but this is the concept that came into my head.
  13. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes: Song 12-I Know You Will (Feat. Jimistone & Taras Andrushkiw)

    Starting Final Mixes: Song 12-I Know You Will (Feat. Jimistone & Taras Andrushkiw) Okay, give a listen and tell me what you think. Jimistone and Andrushkiwt on the solos at the end. Honored to work with these guys!
  14. BroKen_H

    Colaboration anyone? Song 12: I Know You Will

    Really need a guitar solo for this one. Have been able to do some fakery for my other tracks, but if anyone is interested???? I think the mix is close, but there's some odd mud I've not identified yet, and what-not. Need to spend some more time making the scape, too. Anyway, let me know what...
  15. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes: Comp

    Five song compilation. Hoping these are REALLY close. Selah needs some retakes on the piano part...but interested in the overall mix. Trying to keep these viable for an "album" concept. SO, the main things I'm interested in are OBVIOUS bad things: pops and clicks I missed, vocals are way to...
  16. BroKen_H

    Enough Is Enough-Adding vocals kills my songs.

    I write decent songs. (personal opinion) I record the tracks well. Some of my playing skills lack, and usually those parts get kind of panned and backgrounded. Everything sounds good when I put them all together. I get great instrumental tracks (personal opinion, again, but I really think I do)...
  17. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes Song 11 - Can't Wait To Hear From You

    First final mix (:laughings:) I always get a kick out of thinking how good something sounds, until I put it up for scrutiny. Funny how things jump out at you immediately after you render...first few vocal lines need retracked and the vocals are boxy/dead sounding. I don't like the way the hats...
  18. BroKen_H

    Songwriters: Do you still like your music?

    I've written a lot of songs. A lot of them never made it to "tape". Some of them have. The ones that have are some of my favorite music. It's odd to me that I love my music even though I don't like my voice much, or a lot of my playing. Some of my production on the first two EPs were (was?)...
  19. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes Song 10 - For My

    I know it's out of order, but I was having such fun with this yesterday, I had to post it up. Double bass lines. Simple Chorus. Got a great lead tone out of my Vox/LP. (the rhythm is an Orange Sim). I want the vocals to be a bit loose, but if there are obvious problems, let me know. This is not...
  20. BroKen_H

    Starting Final Mixes Song 6 - For My

    Okay, serious struggle (and quite a bit of fun, actually) for me to get this many vocal tracks to play nice. We all know my struggles with my voice...lots of retracking and punch-ins, pitch adjuster on every track, the lot. Little play with a wah in the bridge just to see what I could do with...