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    FEDS raid Gibson factory in Memphis today

    Check it out Authorities raid Gibson Guitar factory in downtown Memphis - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

    Putting together my live rig(pics)

    The band is going to be kicking things off again in September.(been taking a break while the bass player winds up his degree)I have been doing lots of research on how to make things easier on myself as far as set up and tear down.My goal was to go from truck to complete stage setup in 10 minutes...

    FOR SALE: Line 6 POD Studio UX2

    Less than two months old and in mint condition.All original packaging and software disc,USB cable.You can check out the features and watch an overview vid here: Line 6 POD Studio UX2 | 150.00 shipped to your door.Lower 48 only. Thanks...

    Anybody wanna play?

    I was thinking it may be interesting to post up several backing tracks from different genres so folks could dl and repost thier take on it.Not a contest, but a chance to check out how different players approach the same piece. Pipe up if you are interested and I'll get some tracks up.

    What are your opinions on these colors?

    I'm in the process of spec'ing out a Suhr guitar and these are a few of the color options available.I know the one that I like best but I would like to know what others find the most appealing.Reason being is that I am a total gear slut and the day will come when I sell it to finance something...

    Sweet amp score today!

    Snagged this little beauty today for a fraction of what it is worth.1986 JCM 800 4210.It is a frickin tone beast.Just a pic for now, but if anyone would like to hear I can get some samples up tomorrow.

    Latest addition to the arsenal..

    Bogner Shiva(reverb). Set out this morning to get a bogner Ecstasy(101)and got this instead.I will post up an in depth review after rehearsal tomorrow.For now I will just say that I am very impressed with both chans of this baby.Up until now my 15 watt KJL was the only one of my amps that I...

    First time mixing w/Reaper

    Just a short idea for a song intro.Any comments on the mix would be appreciated.I've always used stand alone recorder/mixers,so I might have gotten carried away playing with all of the bells and whistles.

    FS/FT: Mbox 2 w/P.T. le7

    Mint cond. in original box with all paperwork and software disc. Will consider trades of all sorts but am mostly interested in a pair of SDC's.

    Lend me your ears

    Have not done any recording(other than amp samples with an h4)in about 3 years.I have most of the gear I need but dont have a reference system in place yet to hear how mixes are translating. Anyone care to give this rough song idea a listen and comment?I would aprreciate it...

    Pretty cool vid

    Posted it in this forum because I thought it may be aprreciated.

    Akg D190 E

    With original case and clip.Great all around dynamic mic and extra nice on a snare.Has a bit of discoloration on the wind screen and a few blems on the body.No scratches,just what you would expect of a vintage mic. Make a reasonable offer,and it is yours.Will also consider trades for stomp...

    Seymour Duncan live wires....

    Two active humbuckers.Comes with what you see in the pic.Will consider trade.otherwise $125.00 shipped inside U.S.


    needs to be added to the good guy list.Just did a mic trade with him sight unseen and couldnt be happier.Excellent packing and promptly delivered. You cant go wrong with this cat. Just wanted to share that. sheppard

    Question about how to wire active humbuckers

    I have a set of seymour duncan live wires that I am thinking of putting in my new guitar.I got these off of a buddy of mine that had them installed in his Les paul.He had it wired active.I dont care for that sound or the hassle of dealing with batteries.Am I wrong in assuming I can use these...

    New guitar.....

    Finally got good and fed up with tuning issues on my Les Paul studio and traded that pc of shit in(even) for this.(the one on the left)All I can say is WOW!This fucker rocks!

    Public service shout out

    Just a reminder to all of you tone seekers out there that if you can save $300.00,then you can save $1500.00.Dont let a lack of patience decide your next amp purchase.A quality amp should be in every guitarist arsenal. I think a lot of the so called shoot outs of smaller amps round here are...

    How Many Guitarist Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

    3 One to change it and two to stand in the corner and say he is not that good.

    New axe......

    Got a new guitar yesterday.Been needing one with a stop tail piece for quick drop and alternate tunings. Unlike most L.P.'s this thing has a very comfortable neck.So far I'm very impressed. Mine is just like the one in this pic.........

    Some of you gigging guitarist may find this interesting...

    I was very hopeful when modelers and simulators hit the scene that I would find something that could make an electric guitar sound like an acoustic.Any one that has had to walk up to an acoustic on a stand and then quickly go to thier electric to pull off some Styx or Badco live will most likely...