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    Cant Behave

    Hi here a lounge, chill song i did a while ago Cant Behave Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    My Heart is a Cyclone

    Hi Just done a new Song .. Pop Ambient type Feel My Heart is a Cyclone subvibe
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    Breathe Slowly

    Hi I did this Ambient song a while ago But forgot i had done it Its Laid Back with some Vocal Fx Breathe Slowly
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    Hi Just done another song , Its in a Chill RnB Laidback style Remembering Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    My Future (Billie Eilish cover)

    Hi i rarely do any covers But couldn't resist doing a " music" cover of My Future when i heard her voice being so jazzy/ sensual . Its crap compared to the original but a challenge to try it Billie My Future any comments welcome Thx subvibe
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    When the Morning Comes

    Hi Another song in my Chill Out Style When the Morning Comes Try not to fall Asleep !!!! Thx subvibe
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    Dreams are Reality

    Hi this is a Trippy Chill Lounge type Song i did it a while ago Dreams are Reality it was done on my old Cubase 5 before i updated to 11Pro Thanks for listening & your comments subvibe
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    Spend it all on you

    Hi another laid back chill song i did a few weeks ago Spend it all on you Thanks for listening subvibe
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    The Life we leave Behind

    Hi here is a second song featuring the same singer from Manchester a bit more up tempo than the last one The Life we leave Behind Thanks for taking the time to listen subvibe
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    Beautiful Lie

    Hi Here is a chill style song i have done Beautiful Lie all comments welcome Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    Ghost of our past

    Hi i am not sure if i am in the correct section of the forum ? here is the last song i have just done , its a chill laid back type song...
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    New Here

    Hi subvibe Here From Holland i do a lot of recording mainly in Chill, RnB, Ambient Genre looking forward to being a part of this forum Thx subvibe