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  1. Albertm

    Midi bleedover

    I have a simple 4 chord section..G...G/F#...A minor ....C major. It repeate 4 times. Using Midi keyboard with strings set to it. Motu Symphonic software. So, the 4th chord C bleeds into the first chord G, obviously causing bad dissonance. But it doesn't happen anywhere else. I tried making that...
  2. Albertm


    I did a 3 track midi piece. All faders look great, not low, not too high,, no clipping, But when I export and play on another player, the volume is low, you have to crank it up just to get a sound. Any ideas. I tried cranking the master volume where I thought it would clip, it didnt, but was...
  3. Albertm

    Panning in cakewalk

    Havnt been here in a long time. updated my sonar 5 to cakewalk by bandlab (free download and Im used to it) and got focusrite scarlett solo interface because my tascam 1082 wouldnt work with new windows 10. All is working great, but can't pan my midi or audio guitar tracks. I used to easily in...
  4. Albertm

    import video

    I wanted to edited video that already has sound on it. It is in mp4. But I couldn't import. Does Sonar not import mp4, should I change to another format. Its a long video and I basically just want to cut parts out (would like to work sound a bit too but they are combined so I believe and cant...
  5. Albertm

    New Computer brother in law made me a windows compute years ago (xp) and I put sonar 5 on it. Also motu symphonic, amplitube, bfd drums and other stuff. Since I don't know how to build this I need to buy new computer (I also do design work on it) I'm totally lost on what to buy, tower verse laptop...
  6. Albertm


    I have old Sonar 5 Producer. Been using for years with no problem. Tried to open project today from yesterday and Sonar freezes (Not Responding). Never happened before. Only thing I did different last night was copy my Cakewalk Project folder with all by projects and and external drive for...
  7. Albertm

    Mp3 file

    Can I put an mp3 file into Sonar and export it as an wav so its better quality> Or once crushed to mp3 you can't go back? thanks
  8. Albertm

    Midi Problem

    In Sonar 5 using Motu Symphonic. I did a piece using 5 midi tracks. It all sounds great. When I export it and listen back the midi info jumps around. Some things are out of place. :(I even tried processing midi tracks to audio. Then that audio track jumps around. How can it sound correct in its...
  9. Albertm

    Slowing down Audio track

    I have a long guitar rhythm track that came out good, just a bit fast. I know I can easily slow a midi track down using the metronome. That didn't work for the audio track it seems. Is there a way to slow down an audio track and few notches without changing pitch? Thanks for any info.
  10. Albertm

    Delay Hell

    I have delay with guitar notes. If I turn off Input Echo or Audio Engine button the delay stops. But then I can't use plugins like Amplitube. So the guitar is dry. No matter what buffer or latency setting I use for sonar or tascam 1082 board it wont go away. Drivng me nuts. And Ideas? Setting...
  11. Albertm

    Can't rid of guitar distortion

    Use Amplitube for a while now. Set to clean and still distorted. Strange. Tried again without Amplitube and plugged straight into Tascam 1082. Still distorted. So not Amplitube issue I think. Why would the signal distort? Volumes are under the red. I've been doing it this way for a couple of...
  12. Albertm


    I have a constant crackling sound when recording only. When in playback its not there. Any ideas at all. thanks
  13. Albertm

    OMF Export

    Have a midi project I am sending from Sonar 5 PE to Protools. WhenI go to File/ Export, the omf command isnt highlighted (link not working). Anyone know why this would be? I've tried it with everything highlighed or not highlighted. The export/ audio is good, not the omf. Thanks
  14. Albertm


    Can't seem to find how to get metronome in Sonar 5 to click in triplets. Is this doable?
  15. Albertm


    When recording vocal and guitar, Everythings starts fine, but then sounds starts to do a (hard to explain) shorting out, crackling kind of sound on both tracks. I have to save, exit and start up. Then its gone. Record for a few more minutes and it happens again. Had this system for a year and...
  16. Albertm

    Buffer size

    I believe theres a buffer size lower than 11.6 msec, but i can't find, anyone know how? I am getting very slight delay with guitar solo notes.
  17. Albertm

    Newbie mic question

    Thought I'd repost here. I have a AT3035 mic. Using Sonar 5 and Tascam 1082 interface. I set mic up with Tascam Phantom power. With fader pushed to top, I Can't get a level above -15. And thats screaming with lips on mic. change the mic setting pad from -10db to db. I get a little more. I have...
  18. Albertm

    Newbie mic question

    I have a AT3035 mic. Using Sonar 5 and Tascam 1082 interface. I set mic up with Tascam Phantom power. With fader pushed to top, I Can't get a level above -15. And thats screaming with lips on mic. change the mic setting pad from -10db to db. I get a little more. I have to turn all other...
  19. Albertm

    audio Slapback

    Thought I'd repost here. Getting slapback echo when running guitar through plugins like amplitube or even simple reverb or chorus plugins. Just started happening out of the blue. When I turn them off by hitting echo button in Sonar, theres no slapback. Don't think its a buffer issue because of...
  20. Albertm

    slapback echo problem

    Keep in mind, I've been doing this all year with no problems. I run a guitar through a plugin like Amplitube. Set the track I/O. Hit the echo button. Alls been fine, all of a sudden I get echo. Turn it off and I get no plugin. Again, never before. Thought it was an Amplitube thing, but did same...