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    How can I use these cheap "RK87" capsules?

    I recently purchased two of these. It looks like a u87 capsule, but it is a cardioid, single sided diaphragm with only two leads. I had hopes of popping these into a couple of MXL V63M microphones I had laying around, and I knew I had would have to contend with an extended HF response, but...
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    ITAM 1610: The coolest tape recorder I've ever owned (or seen!)

    Sorry for creating two posts about the same machine, but while the previous thread was seeking data, I just want to share my experience with this *super cool* machine and how I came into it. From about 2015 to 2018 I recorded exclusively on my Tascam MS-16. I recorded a dozen or so records on...
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    Brand new reel of SM911... sticky shed?!

    I recently purchased a 1"x2500' reel of SM911 (Recording the Masters brand) from Full Compass last week. I've had really great luck with Pyral and RMGI, but I don't see tape available from those folks anymore. I put the reel on my machine and it started squeaking instantly. After just a few...
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    ITAM 1610 schematics?

    Hello folks. I recently acquired an Itam 1610 with auto locator remote in as close to “mint” condition as one could hope for. So far I’ve repaired the bias power supply and the transport is running great, but I’m having some issues chasing some electrical gremlins. Tracks won’t arm, and the...