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  1. WWLaidback

    Our New National Anthem is Beautiful

    We need a new national anthem that can re-unify the country. I think this one is about perfect. Just in time for football season. Rest in Pieces, USA
  2. WWLaidback

    Ridiculous Mask Mandate for Children in FL leaves doctor laughing on National Television

    Gross distortions of Mask mandate data for children leaves doctor with uncontrollable laughter. Florida is doing considerably better than the national average WITHOUT mask mandates. This is the reporting we got from CBS: :laughings: :laughings: :laughings: Just in case Youtube pulls a...
  3. WWLaidback

    Need a Robert Plant style Vocalist

    Been a long time since rock and roll, yes it has. The lyrics will be borrowed and I need a yodeler.
  4. WWLaidback

    Let's Play Liar's Poker w/ Jen Psaki. Did Trump really say...???

    Can you out-do Jen Psaki's press-conference zinger about "injecting bleach"? I listened to the supposed "Trump bleach video" multiple times. Did Trump really tell people to inject bleach? SHOW ME. Meantime let's have a little fun. I see the one lie and raise it two more! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. WWLaidback

    Is a Hunter Biden painting worth more than a Rembrandt?

    So here it is from the ultra-liberal Atlantic Magazine. Anonymous foreign-buyers pay Rembrandt prices on amateur-artwork from a novice. Obviously the White House is for sale. (We already knew that). Heritage auction pricing guide
  6. WWLaidback

    Lyric Writing Tips

    Here's a great resource for writing poetic lyrics with mood.
  7. WWLaidback

    What is going on with this chord progression?

    Em Am F#7 B7 Em . It sounds kind of like movie cinema.
  8. WWLaidback

    Can we be honest about the C19 Shot?

    The shot risks are going up and the effectiveness is going down. Tell me it isn't true. How do you explain these videos?
  9. WWLaidback

    Jimmy Dore explains Trump-Russia Collusion was TOTAL SHAM

    Even the liberals admit... The Trump-Russia narrative is 100% a Clinton-campaign fabrication, and there is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC. Remember the Seth Rich "accidental" murder during a so-called robbery where nothing was taken? He was the DNC-system administrator, suspected of...
  10. WWLaidback

    Why so many "Visitors" and so few "Members"?

    Over on the upper-right side I see 138 people on the web-site, 5 "members" and the rest on them "visitors". What's up with that? :unsure:
  11. WWLaidback

    Ballad of Led Zeppelin

    Here's the intro to a ballad I'm working on about Led Zeppelin. Whatever happened to rock and roll? (I'm trying to feed my own appetite.) We mixed it down in my 1st Protools class.
  12. WWLaidback

    Nope... Trump did NOT pee on hookers in Moscow

    It was Hillary's idea. She wanted somebody to pee on her. :laughings: :laughings: :laughings: The Goat-states must be heartbroken.
  13. WWLaidback

    Watch 350K votes disappear in the California recall election

    The republicans always come up on the short end of "random errors"... The coincidence of it all. :LOL:
  14. WWLaidback

    Taking PT 101

    Anybody else out there going the user-certification route?