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    Fostex D2424LV,re adding a 2nd drive in a caddy for backup, how to do it.

    Hi, does anybody know how to add a 2nd Sata hard drive in a caddy to my Fostex 2424LV with 160gb hd,.what size HD can i add to Back up the main Drive and how is it done?.thanks, ted.:confused:
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    Shareing +recording Fostex 24 24 files for recording?,.

    Hi,IM recording an album on Fostex 24-24 and need a few friends to add Bass n Drums etc,.none of them have Fostex 24-24 but have various PC or Mac rec setups. is there any way i can send them tracks to play on and then get them into my 24 fostex?,.thanks. ted.:guitar:
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    recording 12 tracks to cebase?

    hi ,how do i copy 12 analogue tape tracks at the same time to cubase thru alesis 16 multimix usb,is it possible?cheers dobrocop.:confused::eek:
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    copying anologue tracks to cubase thru ALESIS 16 usb,..

    hi, hope somebody can help, im thinking of getting alesis multimix 16 USB = Cubase steinberger pc recorder,.as i have an old 12 track recorder [analogue] thats about to die, and i have 30 large vhs type [but not as big] cassettes of 12 tracks of recorded stuff that i need to copy to digital [PC]...
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    cant find my posts on quicklinks?

    why cant get to my posts on quicklinks, just freezes,...all ok on everything else,...dobrocop.