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    Cubase switching Devices during recording

    It seems to have stopped doing this of its own accord. I'll bear your solution in mind - thanks!
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    Setting up a pair of DBX 150's with an Otari MX5050bqii 4 track

    I've discovered a way to solve your problems. It's called a "computer". Using this latest device allows us to record a huge number of audio and MIDI tracks with no need for noise reduction at all. Maybe give it a try.
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    Cubase switching Devices during recording

    In Cubase AI 10.5 I have the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver with two Devices: UR22 audio/MIDI and Yamaha MX synth USB interfaces. Cubase has started defaulting to the MX device during recording and playback. I have to stop Cubase and reset it to the UR22. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it?
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    The Roland CR78 on Vienna: how did they do that?

    As I teach myself to be a better sound engineer on my home setup, I'd like to turn the weedy Roland CR78 samples I've transferred to my Steinberg Groove Agent into something a lot more powerful-sounding. This is a useful exercise in EQ and FX for me. So far, I've done rather poorly - the bass...
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    Cubase Ai 9.5: where is Step Input in the Key Editor?

    Maybe I'm obtuse but I can't see a way to access MIDI step input in the key or score editors. Where's the button?
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    Strange sound on the synth line

    I'm using a Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB mixer with various keyboards. I find that one synth - Yamaha MX49 - is causing a lot of noise on the analogue outputs, a kind of swirling sound with mains hum. It's not there when I monitor the synth directly by plugging headphones into its output - but...
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    Behringer or Steinberg audio interface?

    Hi I want to record at home just me on keyboards and elec guitar through a multi-FX, no mics. This is just for my own pleasure as a hobby and no-one is likely to even hear the results, let alone participate in my music-making. I've a Win 10 laptop with no DAW yet, Yamaha MX49 synth with its own...
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    How do I monitor inputs plus my laptop's output?

    My recently-purchased Behringer Xenyx 1002USB mixer, I’ve just discovered, does not allow me to play back tracks from my laptop (via USB or analogue input) while monitoring other input channels. Thus no multitrack recording is possible with this desk. That’s a disappointment as it’s what I...