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    Shocking plywood guitar.

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    Dramatic soprano

    No I haven't-- and the farther you get from C major, the wilder the intonation gets. The 'period' instrument folks would like it. I've played natural horn(no valves) a lot-- there are some partials which have to be manhandled into compliance, and some are nearly unusable. For an example, check...
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    Dramatic soprano

    I did a piano with organ recording in Chicago one August. We'd asked for the HVAC in the hall to be shut down as it was noisy. Well, it was a hot day, so an hour later the piano and organ no longer agreed on pitch. We scrapped ops for the day and had the HVAC restarted. Pitch returned to...
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    Dramatic soprano

    Excellent advice, this. Best of luck in your career. I'm a horn player and could die a happy man in an opera orchestra. ~d
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    AKG D112 Repair

    Rob is right-- it's already broken-- you can't do any more damage. A couple years ago, I bought a 'partially working' AKG P420 for almost nothing. The seller described the mic as 'losing signal after a few seconds. The problem was loose board to chassis screws causing a poor ground. Mic has been...
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    Clickity Click

    Have you tried this without the surge suppressor? Your mention of the surge protector reminded me of a similar situation a few years ago. We were in the final stages of mastering for a flute, viola and harp recording when we started getting a random 'tick' on playback. Tick would appear in...
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    I remember an emergence in Illinois circa 1990, I think. My area had almost none, but a bit east and south, there were so many the road felt greasy while driving, and the volume was deafening. TR, consider yourself fortunate having only one in your britches! ~dk
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    Zoom r24 soloing a track?
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    Control volume in headphones

    Quite right. ~dk
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    Control volume in headphones

    The R16 has a PHONES volume knob on the rear panel, right next to the PHONES jack. +1 re REAPER ~dk
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    How to fix messed up headphone cord?

    My dad used to fix this type of thing on the old-school kitchen wall phone. He'd work the bad bit all the way to the end of the cord, then growl at us to be more aware of things. The conductors get twisted so they don't lie right. It's really just cosmetic. Of course, many conductors lie! ~dk
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    Advice on how to record a classically-trained singer with cheap equipment?

    Sounds as though the headphones will be the best solution. Perhaps suggest that she keep her 'good' ear open-- uncovered so she can hear herself better. I wouldn't use speakers(in the space) at all during recording. I agree with the stereo pair for the space and a solo mic(with a pop screen!)...
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    Ardour or Reaper (or something else)?

    "After playing with entry level ProTools and Cubase versions, I settled on Reaper years ago." As did I. Maybe 2007.
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    A noise-spotting trick plus a bonus trick from one's Nagra days

    if the room you're recording in has a direct vented gas furnace, kill the pilot for the duration. The mics WILL catch that fluttery flame sound. ~dk
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    Ardour or Reaper (or something else)?

    Consider starting out with Audacity. It's free It's basic It's simple It's free
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    fixing a vocal once its been recorded

    If you're running REAPER, any bit of a track can be edited by increments of 1/100th of a semitone. Several years ago, I recorded an excellent pianist who wanted to sing three-part harmony on some of the tracks. There were places where the pitch had to be pulled up by 30 cents(30/100th semitone)...
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    What will become of Audacity?

    Longtime Encore and Finale user here. I taught at a Chicago college where one prof decided that the department would abandon Finale in favor Sibelius because 'Sibelius is SO much easier to use'. I'm not sure this fellow had ever used either. Anyway, I agree with Tantacrul-- I found Sibelius...
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    Hearing loss

    I used to teach in a college music department. In order to retain accreditation, we had to present hearing protection curriculum every year. In short, OSHA guidelines state that 80db and under is free-- all day, no damage. Above 80dB, there is a sliding time scale outlining how long the higher...
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    Only one. We won't start counting French horns, however... ~dk