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  1. PDP

    Pop Rock

    All comments about the mix and the song are welcome, I appreciate any feedback before I send it off to Spotify. Its Titled "Break Free" about trying to break the cycle of being self destructive.
  2. PDP

    Classic Rock Tune

    All comments welcome: Life is Hard
  3. PDP

    Who Cover Tune

    I would like to hear what anyone else thinks about this mix, before I print it to the video. All Welcome. This was quite the undertaking.
  4. PDP

    Which "Air" do you prefer ?

    A lot of vocals are recorded with "Air" EQ. Do you prefer the sound created by a mic that has a high end lift, or a flatter mic using a plugin/ outboard preamp (EQ) to add the "Air" Or both ?
  5. PDP

    New Build

    This is a Telecaster I just finished building, I'm not keeping it though. Its up 4sale on Reverb. The fingerboard is natural maple. The body is alder, painted acrylic red like the 50's Fenders.
  6. PDP

    Rupert Neve Dies at 94

    Rupert Neve, A pioneer of the recording console has passed away. I've always loved the Neve sound. Many of my favorite records were recorded on Neve consoles. I've had the pleasure of recording and mixing on a Neve console and I've owned several 1073 clones of which I'm buying another one now.
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    Industrial Rock Tune

    All comments welcome. The "Gnostic Warrior" is the 5th degree in Freemasonry.
  8. PDP

    Give yourself a Pat on the Back

    How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins - YouTube
  9. PDP

    Acid rock sort of ?

    Not really sure what Genre this is. All comments are welcome :guitar:
  10. PDP

    Who cover

    A cover of the song "1921" from the Who's Rock Opera Tommy, with the incoming year 2021. All comments welcome. :)
  11. PDP

    Happy 4 U

    I was motivated to write this before the upcoming election :D Open for all comments.
  12. PDP

    32 Bit Integer Recording Resolution Anyone ?

    Steinberg has recently released an affordable line of Interfaces (the UR - C series) that can record in 32 bit Integer bit depth. I currently record in 32 bit floating point. 32 bit Integer to my understanding is a different resolution. I have read that it is overkill because most Microphones...
  13. PDP

    Sound Isolation Question help needed ?

    I may have the opportunity to purchase a small Condo. Is there a way to add sound proofing that will considerably cut down the loud sounds, so I could play loud monitors, a small tube amp, loud acoustic guitars, loud singing etc. without disturbing neighbors. What is the most practical way to...
  14. PDP

    Easter Hip Hop tune.

    All comments welcome, especially looking for comments on the bass and overall mix balance. Pete :guitar:
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    Does Anyone use a TonePort UX1(2) and Pod Farm 2.5

    Has anyone used the Toneport UX with Podfarm 2.5 for vocals ? I'm intrigued by the mic preamp software in Podfarm 2.5. Is it really any good? USB interfaces don't impress me because of their big latency. I have a good PCI interface so I could just buy a mic pre instead, but a good ones at least...
  16. PDP

    Know your old gear ? Can U tell me ? This is a great re-mix of the Beach Boys "God only Knows" It sounds very good for being recorded in 1966 in Los Angeles. Brian Wilson recorded it on Ampex 8 track and 4 track machines. Does anyone know or want to contribute as to what other type...
  17. PDP

    Six Part Harmony

    This is a great tribute to a great song:
  18. PDP

    MID/SIDE Question ?

    I have noticed that I can get some pretty interesting results using the MID/SIDE processing functions in my Izotope 5 Mastering Suite. Mostly I notice a cleaner bass, and a cleaner stereo spread. It does make sense to get a bit more clarity by treating the middle and sides separately with some...
  19. PDP

    Metering Question

    I recently downloaded this Free compressor, works surprisingly well. My question is that when you change the preset to mixbuss or premaster (buss) the VU meter works the other way around. In other words it acts like an output meter rather than showing the amount of reduction. How do you know how...
  20. PDP

    Summing Mixer

    What is a "summing" mixer, and how is it different than a regular console/mixer ?