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    Mobile rig for classical music

    I'm planning to have a rack that is relatively portable, for recording classical guitar and occasionally chamber ensembles. I have a pair of Neumann KM184 for miking the guitar, and one AKG C414 XLII for voice, and sometime for MS. Until now I have used the Focusrite Saffire 56 liquid, but it's...
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    Focusrite Saffire Standalone Mode?

    Hi all, I've been recording with the Focusrite Saffire liquid 56, and now that it is no longer being supported for an OS beyond Catalina, I googled about alternative ways to connect it (was hoping to find a guide about tablet/smartphone operation) when I saw an article about "standalone mode"...
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    Advice on room treatment - classical/acoustic guitar

    Hi everyone, I'm a musician living in Switzerland, playing classical and acoustic guitar. Recently I moved my teaching/recording studio to a new room. It's a 25 m2 room on the basement floor, with 5.7m long, 4.5m wide and 2.2m high. The area is very quiet so no need to isolate noise from...