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    70's Classic Rock tune.

    I'm curious to hear if anyone wants to share how this sounds on their system. All I have to mix on is Mackie CR4s right now. Hope you enjoy !
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    New build

    This is my newly built Stratocaster. Body and Neck from Warmouth. Neck is 10-16 compound radius with SS frets. 1-3/4" @ the nut, I did the finishing with the help of a friend who has a spray booth. The finger board is unfinished natural maple, (coated with linseed oil) The body is a 3lb 12oz...
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    New Se z5600a II

    I just picked up this Se z5600a II tube mic. I was looking at a lot of mics in the 3-400 dollar range like the Roswell mini K47, The Lauten audio 320. The Rode NTK etc. This Se z5600a II is 999.00 new and I heard it in a shoot out. So on a whim, I checked to see if I could find a used one, and...
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    Old School Sequencer ???

    I had a version of Absythn 5 which I can no longer activate. (Thank you Native Instruments) but I just want to be able to make an old school loop like The WHO "Wont Get Fooled Again" Absythn had some settings where you could hold down one note on the keyboard and it would play a sequenced...
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    Drum buss compression ?

    I know a lot guys like to use compression on their drum buss i.e. SSL etc. In your experience do you also compress the individual drums? In particular the Kick and Snare ? I'm thinking that becomes a lot of compression by the time you make it to the Master. If you want to share some of your...
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    INTEL or AMD ?

    I know years ago Steinberg recommended using Intel processors for Windows based machines. Does anyone know if that's still true ? Anyone have any issues either way ? I'm currently running a Intel Quad core but wanna upgrade to an eight core, I'm thinking i7. Which are pretty reasonable to buy...
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    Who Cover Eminence Front

    I just got back in to recording after a long lay off, so I started off doing a cover tune with a VIDEO !
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    I made a video from a 39 year old recording of my band when I was 19 doing Jeff Becks "Shapes of Things" YouTube