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  1. arcaxis

    Heil PR35 as Compared to a Miktek PM9

    Long shot if anyone has had both mics at some point to compare, but I'll ask......... I currently have a Miktek PM9 I use live and for occasional recording. It's a super cardioid and to my ears sounds somewhat close to a smooth condenser and probably one of my better handheld dynamic mics. The...
  2. arcaxis

    Basic But Decent Stereo Receiver?

    An old Denon receiver I've used for years has started to have some issues, so I figured I'd look at what's out there to replace it. I've two sets of speakers connected (sort of front and rear), turntable, and CD player that hasn't had much use. The FM is connected to an attic antenna through a...
  3. arcaxis

    Odd Mic Problem by Design - Shame on Audio Technica

    I don't remember how half my old mics sound and maybe some may sound better on the newer gear I have, so I've pulling out a few to give a try. Bought this AT MB4000c back in the late 90's as it would run off an AA battery for the old Fostex 4 track cassette deck that had no phantom power...
  4. arcaxis

    JBL LSR305 Monitors - Today only - 11/19/2019 (US)

    Decent monitors at a great price. One day only. B&H "Deal Zone" JBL LSR305 5" Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor LSR305 B&H
  5. arcaxis

    Single LDC for Voice and Instrument

    Anyone ever seen a mic positioned like this to capture voice and instrument? Kinda threw me at first thinking it might have been an end fired type mic. I didn't try to ID the mics, but guessing cardioid side address unless someone else has another suggestion. Tried it quickly last night with an...
  6. arcaxis

    USED BOOK......McGraw-Hill Book: Handbook of Sound Studio Construction

    This might be a good grab for someone....... (used, may not be here long) Used McGraw-Hill Book: Handbook of Sound Studio 9780071772747 Amazon's page and write up for it...
  7. arcaxis

    Readyboost USB Thumbdrive

    I had a spare 32gb USB3 thumbdrive (reformatted to NTFS) setting around that I set up as a Readyboost cache drive on my Win7 desktop to see if it made any difference in response/speed of various applications. Kind of wondering if it will do anything useful for a DAW either recording or for plugins?
  8. arcaxis

    Memorial Day 2018

    My own rendition of Toby Keith's song American Soldier in remembrance to those that gave their all...... YouTube
  9. arcaxis

    Musician's Friends & Accuracy of Ads - MXL V250 Deal of the Day

    Would you call Musician's Friend for microphone advice? Probably better not to if they don't the difference between and LDC and SDC :rolleyes:. The MXL V250 is made for Guitar Center and its affiliates, MF being one of them. I bought a V250 a few years back on a Stupid Deal of the Day for $50...
  10. arcaxis

    JBL M-Patch 2 Passive Stereo Controller - B&H Deal Zone

    Might be a handy addition to a studio for monitor control. Passive with switches and pots. JBL M-Patch 2 Passive Stereo Controller and Switch Box MPATCH2 "Hurry! Deals End February 24, 11:59PM EST, or While Supplies Last (whichever comes first)." Manual...
  11. arcaxis

    'Boundary' Microphones for Live Use or Recording?

    I see boundary mics occasionally on sites I browse for used mics. Wondering if they are useful in any way for live usage or capturing some of a room while recording.
  12. arcaxis

    What's Your Preference, Spruce or Cedar Topped Acoustic?

    I know cedar will sound 'warmish' and spruce 'brightish' and I have a cedar topped Takamine that I'm happy with the way sounds for most of what I play. What wood do you prefer for recording (probably miced) or live (amped PU's?). Toying around with getting a fairly decent spruce top for...
  13. arcaxis

    "What Is The Voice-over Microphone Everyone Should Own?" From ProTools Expert

    "What Is The Voice-over Microphone Everyone Should Own?" From ProTools Expert A good side by side comparison of a few commonly used VO mics............. What Is The Voice-over Microphone Everyone Should Own? — Pro Tools Expert
  14. arcaxis

    Microphone Tutorial PDF from Groove Tubes

    Looking up some info on an old Alesis/GT mic I have, I found the PDF link below on 'Choosing and Using Mics' from Groove Tubes. While it does have some Groove Tube product specific information, there is much on how different mics are constructed and work, care and use, and recording vocals and...
  15. arcaxis

    USB Volts & Current Tester

    I like gadgets, particularly when they're cheap. I bought a USB voltage and current tester from Amazon and it arrived today. I've curious about the current draw of a few USB devices I have and it was impractical to use a standard DMM. Below is a quick check of the volts and current draw of a...
  16. arcaxis

    The Duracell Bunny Blew Up

    I usually remove batteries from guitar pedals and other gear that I know I'm not going to use for a while because of possible leakage, but now I have another reason, one that's likely pretty rare. The battery pictured below was one I use in a bass pedal and it was removed and on a shelf sitting...
  17. arcaxis

    Decent Used Mic From Reputable US Retailer- sE2200a II

    Hope this OK to post. I think it's a decent mic at a decent price for someone starting out recording. I've got the cardioid version of this mic and it's a good mic for both vocals and acoustic guitar. Multi-patterned, pad, and HPF. Used sE Electronics 2200a II Multi-Pattern Large SEE-2200AMKII
  18. arcaxis

    New to Me Used USB Controller

    Occasionally stop into the local thrift store to see what kind of bargains I can find. I've done pretty well in the past and today was no exception. I'm at an age I'm trying to downsize what I've got for gear, but for $10 I couldn't leave this on the display shelf. M-Audio Keystation 61ES with...
  19. arcaxis

    Sound Meter and Room Noise Levels

    A little while back I bought an older Radio Shack sound meter off eBay. One of those purchases where I wasn't sure why I needed it, but figured it was cheap so why not :o. Anyhow got around to taking a few reads in the room where I record to see what it picked up. Nothing running in the room...
  20. arcaxis

    'Arrogant' - True or False?

    What say ye to this? :D 3 professions with the most arrogant workers - MarketWatch