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  1. snow lizard

    Large Diaphragm Dynamic

    I've got a question. Maybe some of the DIY'ers and more knowledgeable folks could help me out here. I've heard for a long time that these mics are all large diaphragm dynamics: Beta 52 D112 SM7 RE20 421 441 If there are any other examples that could be added to the list, that would be great...
  2. snow lizard

    Beyer M500 Question

    I've recently scooped a Beyerdynamic M500 from ebay. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some specifications for this mic. I know they have a reputation for being fairly tough ribbon mics with a frequency curve similar to a midrange presence peak vocal microphone, but...
  3. snow lizard

    Phase Response Characteristics

    What are the typical phase response characteristics of different types of microphones? By now, I'm sure that many people have had a chance to look at the comparison that Dan Richards made, of the R-F-T M16 and the Apex 460 microphones here... I'm...